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This forces such groups to undertake large risks that may result in failures such as the Challenger disaster in 1986. Also, such groups tend to forego warnings collectively since they hold that their group is unquestionably right in its decisions without any real need for an analysis of consequences. Other groups are seen as being controlled by leaders that are enemies of the groupthink group. This promotes a hostile environment since negotiations and other amicable means of settlement are off the table leading to wasted time at defeating the other group. Members who tend to question the stereotypical group environment are pressurised since this is seen as a sign of betrayal from the group’s cohesive environment. 2. Describe, discuss, and give examples of the various stages of group development. Groups develop using four stages that are (1) common recognition (2) communication and taking decisions (3) impetus and output and (4) management and organisation. In the first stage, the group members interact with each other on various issues in order to gauge each other opinions in order to build a common image. In the next stage, group members collectively communicate together in order to make decisions to benefit the group overall. Thirdly, groups are motivated enough to become productive as a whole since group members know their roles and responsibilities and how to deliver in the existing environment. Lastly, groups begin to assign roles and responsibilities on criteria of achieving results and perform corrective measures to enhance productivity. 3. Which types of teams discussed in Chapter 10 could successfully operate as virtual teams? Provide support for your answer. Quality circles, problem solving teams and product development teams could successfully operate as virtual teams. Quality circles need to meet at intervals in order to monitor performance using statistics derived from the physical workplaces. On the other hand, problem solving teams need to come together only when problems arise. Given that the problem may require interaction from various areas, a problem solving team may require by design to be a virtual team. Product development teams are formed at differing horizontal and vertical levels and require constant interaction from various locations such as the manufacturing floor, the corporate head office etc. so using virtual teams is preferable. 4. Discuss and give examples of the opportunities and challenges of communicating across international cultures. Communication across international culture opens up new possibilities for trade, commerce and business as well as providing new learning areas. A business can avail a number of new different opportunities through cross cultural communication to enhance organisational aims and objectives. However, communication between cultures is also problematic since various cultures have different expectations and structures. This presents a large number of problems that must be scaled in order to allow cross cultural communication. Language is the primary barrier followed by expectations on how a business is organised. For example, a Japanese salesman may require input from superiors before making decisions while an American salesman may initiate a sale himself. 5. Describe, discuss, and give examples of the ways that the source and the receiver can improve the communication process. The first and foremost issue of importance is language.

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