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The position of Principal Officer has an expanding role through the implementation of shared service, NOMIS, the Phoenix Program, and contestability. These programs not only demand a greater accountability of our resources, but also allows us a vision of where we fit in the organisation. Ultimately it can reach beyond human resource management and allow us to see the Service as the single entity it has become by tying us together through technology.

The Principal Officer has many responsibilities and obligations under NOMS. We have a primary obligation to offer the prisoners a safe and healthy environment while encouraging skills programs. We likewise have a duty to provide our employees with a safe workplace and the tools they need to accomplish their job. We’re bound by our mission to provide the public with the assurance that released prisoners will make an easy transition back into the community. We additionally need to commit to assuring that prisoners will not re-offend.

Our obligation extends to other departments such as health and safety, police, probation and court systems. We need to interact with these agencies to provide them with timely and accurate information and offer plans and proposals in a continuing effort to improve our service. We have a responsibility to the Service to follow policies and procedures and insure fiscal efficiency. The effective Principal Officer will be able to balance these responsibilities as they compete for time and resources.

The competent Principal Officer must be a good listener. To facilitate change it is necessary to evaluate how the changes are affecting the people that work for you and with you. Employee feedback is a valuable tool to gain knowledge of what we are doing right or what we are doing wrong. Employees need to feel free to comment and offer suggestions or criticism in an open environment. A well placed trust in the workforce and a view of the staff as trained professionals who are motivated to do an outstanding job will insure open communication with the Principal Officer.

Motivating our employees is a many sided endeavour. We first listen and then we take action as deemed appropriate. We need to be proactive in the areas of fairness and respect. Regular meetings with employees to insure that they have an in depth understanding of frequently changing policies will allow workers to perform their jobs with confidence. Encouraging diversity is a way to bring in new ideas and methods and is critical to our continued improvement. Timely and adequate assessment of job performance is also crucial to keeping employees striving to succeed and excel. People need to be recognised for their outstanding efforts and rewarded accordingly.

Along with recognition and rewards, we need to offer our employees a clear career path with focused career goals. This helps the employees remain involved with their work and offers them a reason to excel and the motivation to meet our organisational objectives. This will not only aid in retention of our quality employees, but will also attract a higher quality workforce. By providing clear career objectives we will produce a climate that can offer improved performance and greater dedication.

As important as it is to interact with other agencies, the Principal Officer also must interact with their employees and involve them in the day to day operation of the system.

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