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Put differently, Jim’s Cleaning ensures peace of mind for its customers and that it why it stands out vis-a-vis other players in the industry. Jim’s Cleaning has its own professional cleaning equipment. It is known to be a reliable company that starts and completes the job on time. Its franchisees are fully insured. The company guarantees quality services at a fair price. About the Product According to the American Marketing Association, a product is a bundle of attributes. features, functions, and benefits that an organization offers to sell to the target customers in exchange of money. A product may be an idea, a good (physical tangible product), or a service, or any combination of the three. As of now Jim’s Cleaning offers only ‘services’ to its customers. The company offers its cleaning services to domestic as well as business customers. Its cleaning services are divided into the following divisions. Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, Jim’s Window Cleaning, Jim’s Car Cleaning, Jim’s Blind Cleaning and Jim’s Pressure Cleaning. Jim’s Carpet Cleaning The company does a methodical cleaning of carpets and thereby ensures that the customer not only gets the best feel and appearance of the carpet but also protects the investment made on the carpet. The company uses the most advanced products and equipment and cleans as per the Australian National Standards. The carpet division also cleans upholstery, drapes and mattresses. Customers are offered two options. Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. The former method, also known as hot water extraction uses hot water for cleaning carpets. The dry cleaning method is recommended for carpets that require regular preservation cleaning or when carpets have to be dried quickly. Jim’s Window Cleaning Jim’s Cleaning enhances the appearances of homes by cleaning windows to perfection. This cleaning exercise also cuts energy costs in winters by allowing more light inside the home. The company guarantees streak free, shining windows after work. Jim’s Cleaning has the expertise to clean all internal and external windows. Given its state of the art equipment, Jim’s Cleaning personnel can reach double storey and high rise buildings. Jim’s Pressure Cleaning Jim’s Pressure Cleaning offers tailored programs to suit the requirements of commercial clients. This division specifically targets real estate agents, builders and local businesses, in addition to residential customers. Services include mould and dirt removal, cleaning of driveways, fascia, paving, pathways, outdoor timber, and tiled areas. Jim’s Car Cleaning Jim’s Car Cleaning division simply loves its job and guarantees quality job, reliable service and money back guarantee. The car is cleaned at a location convenient to the client. The customer need not take the car anywhere as the personnel from Jim’s visit the customer and do the job. Depending on the quantum of work a customer requires, Jim’s car Cleaning offers Premium Wash, Mini Detail and Deluxe Detail. As part of its specialty services Jim’s Car Cleaning offers full cut, polish and wax coat for the car. The customer can also opt for shampooing the car. Jim’s Blind Cleaning Jim’s Blind Cleaning not only cleans but also repairs blinds. As an additional service, the company replaces the defective parts of the blinds as well. The division offers proficient service to take care of these precious window coverings, be it of any type or make. horizontal or vertical.

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