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A number of them have gone to Greece and some others to Iran and Afghanistan. From the eastern parts, the Aryans moved to India. The complete process of the Aryan migration has happened between BC 2000 to 1500. “In the later 20th century, ideas were refined, and migration and acculturation were seen as the methods whereby Indo-Aryans spread into northwest India around 1500 BC. These changes were thought to be in line with changes in thinking about language transfer in general, such as the migration of the Greeks into Greece (between 2100 and 1600 BC), or the Indo-Europeanization of Western Europe (between 2200 and 1300 BC)” (Indo-Aryan Migration para. 2). Aryans are arrived India from the North West side and firstly settled in the territories among the branches of the River Indus. So that there we can see in excess of 1200 such kind of migrant Aryans. One of the highest Civilizations that we can see in the period of 3000 to 1500 BC is the Indus Valley civilizations. Aryans launched a social caste scheme and that is called as the Varna Vyastha which separated the citizens into 4 groups, that are, Brahmin, Vaishya, Kshatriya and&nbsp. Shudra. &nbsp. Causes of Aryan migration to India: There are many causes to migrate Aryains to India. Main causes of Aryan migration to India included the fall in temperature, the stress applied by the yellow-skinned ethnic groups in the north areas and scarcity of food. “The main thrust of Aryan migration was probably south of the terai region where the tributaries of the river Ganga must have dwindled to the point that they could be easily crossed and where the dry forest could be burned down” (Kulke &amp. Rothermund). The Agni, Aryan fire god was credited with the achievement of colonizing this earth for the Aryans. They closed at the river Gandakk which goes in the plains north of current Gorakhpur and links the Ganga. Unlike the extra tributaries additional to the west, this river looks to have been still complete of good water for the reason that the Aryans named it sadanira and their blessed texts statement that the land beyond was swampy. Only some audacious pioneers crossed the gandak in due course with no the support of Agni. With the development of royal power in the Aryan kingdoms to the west of the river gandak, escape to the unrestrained east may have been attractive to those Aryans who favored the more democratic tribal organization of previous times to the double tutelage of kings and their Brahmin priests. In the end, Brahmins also crosses the waterway gandak and were greeting there if they did not maintain on subverting the tribal organization by consecrating kings everywhere. “Aryan culture is a development of the Indus valley culture whose language belongs to the indo European family, possibly spoken in the region as far back as the Neolithic period, in interaction with Dravidian culture” (Flood 31). Impact of Aryan Migration to India: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Aryan migration to India created lot of impact to the Indian culture. Many of the scholars made so many arguments regarding the migration of Aryans to India. “There are several possible arguments against the idea of Aryan invasions. According to the invasion theory, the Aryans were a group of primitive nomads who came out of Central Asia with chariots, iron weapons, and superior battle tactics.

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