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They bring with them different languages, cultures, races, educational backgrounds, histories, beliefs and traditions. Most natural-born Canadians are bilingual being conversant in both English and French. However, many of the immigrants who come to Canada do not speak English or French as a first language (Levin, 2008). Research Problem Levin (2008) reports in the last decade, immigrants who come to Canada are not as successful as those who arrived before them. Although they may have been well-educated in their home countries, Canada has been more stringent in recognizing their educational and labor-market credentials. In effect, the immigrants become unable to use their professional credentials gained from their countries. One great factor that deters them from being employed is their inability to speak fluently in English or French. The common solution for these immigrants is just to go back to the provinces where they are more comfortable speaking in their first language. If the goal for these immigrants is to progress in their lives in a foreign land, they should be able to adapt to their host country by learning a second language, specifically, English. The problem lies in what methods are effective for these immigrants to learn their second language considering their various cultures. Since the objective of the Canadian government is to integrate these immigrants into society, how would learning as a group, like a microcosm of society, be effective in their integration? This research will attempt to explore what can be done, in terms of second language learning, to facilitate immigrants’ easement into Canadian culture. Rationale of Pursuing the Research Problem When immigrants learn a second language, specifically the language of their host country, they gain access to knowledge and information that benefits the majority of the population. They learn their rights as citizens, understand health benefits and medical privileges, and simply survive better in their new environment. Chiswick &amp. Miller (1999) report that for legal migrants who learn English language skills gain more employment and compensation for those skills. Their earnings increase with both speaking and reading skills whether analyzed separately or jointly. Males earn higher by 8% and females earn higher by 17% if they are proficient in both speaking and reading compared to their contemporaries lacking both skills (Chiswick &amp. Miller, 1999). Second language learning strategies should include group work among the students to encourage interactions and collaboration. Group work would entail working with peers who come from the same culture so they will be able to learn the second language together while using their first language as a basis to understand the second language. Working with people from the same cultural group gives the learners a sense of comfort and familiarity and more confidence to learn something new. Review of Literature Relevant to the Research Problem According to Lev Vygotsky (1962), social interaction stimulated by speech is essential for language development. He also mentions that a supportive interactive environment can help the learner to reach a higher level of knowledge and performance compared to what might be reached through his or her ability to improve independently (Lightbown and Spada, 2006: 23).

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