Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Critically discuss the change management models using examples from different organisations to support your argument.

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Change management refers to the process, techniques and tools that are used to manage employees in order to achieve a desired business result. It is about the transition from one stage to (problem stage) to another (the solution stage). A company’s change means that a company is restructuring, reengineering, keeping up with the trends in the industry or promoting cultural transformation. The 8-Step Process for Leading Change This model was proposed by John Kotter a Harvard professor who studied over a hundred companies that were going through change management ranging from well-established companies to small companies. He found that 70 percent of the change activities within companies fail (Burton, 2010: 45). This malfunction can be attributed by the companies’ failure to adopt a holistic approach towards change management. Therefore, Kotter came up with eight stages through which companies can achieve sustainable change and business improvement. Although the steps are depicted in a linear fashion, experience demonstrates that it is better to think of the steps in a continuous manner to ensure that the rapport of the change is maintained. In addition to, he identified possible setbacks that can negatively affect the change process (Czerniawska and May, 2004: 53). The steps are discussed below: Create urgency For change to happen in an entity, it is important for there to be an urgency for change that will help spark the motivation to get things done (Vogelsang et al., 2012: 18) This involves the identification of potential threats and come up with situations showing what is likely to happen in future and opportunities that could be exploited. It also involves the start of discussions to start the process of thought among the employees. Forming a powerful coalition This involves convincing people that change is required and this requires for strong leadership and support from key people within the entity (Cameron and Green, 2004: 34). Creating the vision for change When a company comes up with the decision to implement change in a n organization, there will probably be numerous ideas and solutions available (Morgan, n.d.). These concepts should be combined to form a general vision that people can easily understand and practice. Communicate the vision The events that take place after creation of the vision determine success or failure of the change management. Frequent communication of the vision is considered more effective than holding official routine meetings to communicate the vision. Empowering others to act on the vision This involves changing the systems that may hinder the change and moving any obstacles to the change process. Plan for short-term wins Success is known to be one of the most effective motivating factors. The company should evaluate the progress that has taken place within a one month period (Chapman, 2006). Criticism is also important at this point as t helps to identify the success or failure of the change. Short- term goals are considered more achievable and this leaves failure less chances. Consolidate improvements and produce yet more change Kotter argues that projects fail because victory is announced too early (Cameron and Green, 2004: 34). Real change is considered comprehensive and companies should be careful as short term wins are only the beginning of the process towards long- term change.

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