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“Microsoft says cloud computing has the potential to drastically reduce time and cost of developing applications accessible to massive numbers of users” (Chan, 2009). In the modern business world, people do their work together online by using various tools in internet through online collaboration. When people work together there arises a need for sharing files, storing, online conversation etc. Collaborative working environment helps people to work individually and in a corporative way. In such an environment people can access and interact with one another within a single entity. In order to overcome the time differentials, the employee’s electronic communication as well as groupwares are supported. “Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is the field study of the way people collaborate and how special technologies impact collaboration” (Winkler, 2012). CSCW is dependent on a more social concept and it helps to develop guiding principles and explanations for technologies. It mainly analyzes how these computers and technologies benefit and affect group behavior and also groupware designs are motivated and validated. This type of collaboration tools mainly focus on processes like communication, information sharing etc. Technology which supports group works with computers is called a groupware. The aim of this technology is to facilitate as well as widen the collaboration process. It mainly helps the people who use software to participate in a joint project.&nbsp.Many such applications are developed and used these days. Different purposes are involved such as audio and video conferencing, chat systems, project management etc. Extranet helps people to work together even if they are miles away from each other. According to the usage of collaboration, hardware and software are categorized. Such tools are also differentiated on time and place basis. It can take place in the same time or different time period.&nbsp. Cloud computing is the most excellent suit for various requirements of the business enterprise. The major importance is the reduction in cost in the infrastructure and the technology free atmosphere being operated. They are not dependent on the location or the infrastructure, but concerned with the consistency and the accountability in their various methods, and they contribute to the advantages of the business establishment. This type of computing manages the security of the data that has highly influential contribution to the information management. They handle the storage of the confidential data and their recovery when needed. The benefits of cloud computation are the resources available and also they formulate the resource allocation and build up the sustainability of the resources. “There are many postings this morning about the influence that cloud computing and globalization will have on the American IT Worker. IT workers who are holding on to their own data centers and not learning cloud computing are not keeping their skills up to date” (Morill, 2010). The efficiency of the shared resources is maximized with cloud computing. An ordinary point of discussion pertaining to cloud is the role and scope of the enterprise. In fact some organizations have planned to think altering the point of view of “cloud in the enterprise” (Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP, 2011) to “enterprises in the cloud” (Chao, 2013).

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