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Is Spontaneous Order a Form of Social Justice for Hayek?

Then from the literature review, the views of various authors related to theory of Hayek will be taken into account to link these terms up. Finally, after a thorough analysis the final conclusion will be presented to sum up the whole theory. The concept of “Spontaneous order” is an order that emerges with the volunteer actions of the individuals and not the one that is artificially created by the government. It is the key concept in free market tradition and classical liberal explained differently by different people. However, Hayek has explained the term as more creatively designed efficient market economies than any societal design could achieve (Petsoulas, 2001 – pp.2). This view is pointing towards the fact that market economies are emerged naturally from the business services and the individuals involved in the buying and selling of these goods and services to form and distribute them accordingly depending upon the individual decisions. Such economies cannot be designed and created by any society manually. The idea of “Social justice” refers to the equal distribution of rights and duties among all individuals present within a given system. It is the key concept that is supportive of human rights and aims to achieve all aspects of a social system including the administrative law. A social system is said to be “just” only when all rules and regulations are abide equally by all the individuals present in it. Fair treatment should be attributed to all individuals and groups to promote the basic concept of merit. Distribution of costs and benefits should be equal among all without any favor. According to the Hayed, the social justice is nothing but a “Mirage” (Routledge and Paul, 1982). Hayek has referred to the social justice as the “worst use of word social” and it indicates a “semantic fraud”. Hayek has noticed that the term has “already distorted the thinking of a younger generation,” citing David Miller’s recent Oxford doctoral thesis, titled as “Social Justice.” (Routledge, 1988, pp.114-118) All the above evidences show that Hayek was not supportive of the idea of social justice because he viewed that the economic reward system is the result of unplanned market economies that arises from the individual actions and decisions. Such system occurs naturally as a result of spontaneous order rather than being created manually then there is no need to think about social justice or injustice as every individual has been assigned a particular place and position within the society and is working under the command of some central authority that directs them. Hayek was of the view that the spontaneous order comprises of individuals and organizations than there is no need of social justice (Hayek, 1993, pp.46). Spontaneous order aims to correct the errors that are residing within a given social system and help the individuals to struggle and meet their desired expectations. It plays a key role in building social relationships. Hayek has put forth the idea that a centralized legal system would not be able to enhance the effectiveness of social justice or well being as “only human conduct can be called as jus or unjust” (Miller, 1976, pp.17) (Macleod, 1983, pp.557). The economic systems are too complex to be regulated in any centralized legal direction (Hayek, 1973, 1976, 1979).

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