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President Prof Eui-Hwan Kim, who is the founder, hosted the second conference in the year 2008 as the second one hosted for the third conference. In the international Society of Biomechanics, in the 2011 sports conference, the major programs were on local languages and thus, participation of the internationals was limited, but at the same time, they discussed on the current reforms of the ASSB as well as the coming biennial conference to be held in Japan. Hong Kong representatives as well as those from China attended the conferences (Fong, 2011) Thus, both in Hong Kong and in China, strength and training conditions help the athletics, more so the young children. Generally, Hong Kong players are agile as well as skillful but they do not have a strong physique. They can however find improvements during their childhood age or early development. In the field of sports medicine, observations indicate that incidences of injuries during a game are few, and the victims recover fast (Kolatchh, 1972). This information relates to the injuries occurring, the prevention, as well as the enhancement on the performance knowledge, and research. If the public can be in a position to access this kind of information, they can participate in sports without hurting each other in the sporting environment. The convention, which is co-organized by HKASMSS and usually held at the school of public Health and Primary Care centre, is a non-miss event. The theme of the event is Sports for all, Sports for Health. Comprehensive topics related to running, swimming, cycling, as well as health are covered in public lectures presented by professionals renowned within the Hong Kong Association, of Chinese, and other fields. An exhibition is as well compromised in the convention, which is sport related and health related products, as well as services (Kolatchh, 1972). These services and products include demonstrations on the latest technology that have been applied in the industry of sports, and an area of assessment where one can test the performance of sports. Anyone can join the series of scientific symposia, which provide a platform academically, and valuable chance for the exchange of views by the professional experts and colleagues from the industry. The major topics in the symposia in both Hong Kong and China are designated to biomedical injuries during sports as well as rehabilitation. Accreditation is usually awarded to those participating on the scientific session. Comparison between current sport industry medical system and professional development and social policy reveal some aspects. Sports industry in China is an updated gold mine, that is, a business opportunity, which has over the years caught minds of many people more so the officials of the Chinese sports and those that are outside the gold rush. In 2010, the highest executive organ in the state administration issued an official document historically aiming at designating the transformation of the sports day in the nation having the primary objective of attracting non-governmental investors (Kolatchh, 1972). Over decades, sports in China have been built along a planned economy, which is owned by the government thus running all the sports in both China and Hong Kong.

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