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The novel, while investigating on the double nature of one’s existence, raises strong and innovative questions like who can really be termed as discoverers, who can make the real history and what does the history wants us to learn from the course of events. The characterization of the novel is superb which helps the writer put her points more emphatically across to the readers. A close study of the main characters, especially of Zamora de Legazpi, gives the complete evidence of how a masterly developed characterization enables the writer to make her point clear to the audience. As, Zamora observes, “one of the most troubled and fascinating protagonists in recent memory,” finds a new tribe. (Diaz, Junot. 2004). However, can we consider him a real discoverer A focused study on the character development of Zamora would certainly reveal to us the answer, ‘No’.

Now what is the most important concern of Hagedorn in the novel She seems primarily focused on the cultural myth of a particular community and her search ends where she comes to realize the cultural darkness of the land. Hagedorn is a master artisan in the development and portrayal of her characters. She engages in a thorough analysis especially of the character Zamora. Spanish, as he is, Zamora’s thoughts, speech and action are pepped with Spanish, Tagalog, and English. thus illustrating the writer’s interest in cultural studies. There is a mix and clash of different cultures in this particular character, and novelist is attempting a deconstruction of the Zamora story that ultimately reveals the corruption and failure of a regime with the potential of organizing the discovery of a new tribe.

The character development of Zamora Legazpi, the protagonist, well rounded. Zamora, the mestizo politician, is born in the wrong time. This descendent of the colonialists and a possible explorer in a world of colonialist powers is reason for discussion on the nature of real discoverers and villains. When we analyze the character in detail, we find that he, on the one hand, possesses the qualities of real villain concentrating entirely on his merits, accustomed to freely exercising his power. He is the reason for Rizalina’s fleeing from the place, which put her in utter distress. Even in the discovery of the new tribe, he pursues his personal interest and advancement. Zamora is a real representative of a decadent and corrupt upper class. It is all clear as the novel progresses. The research undertaken by the Filipino-American journalist Paz Marlowe, towards the final section of the novel makes clear the true inconsistencies of the character’s life and his discovery. The characterization of Zamora is cunningly imagined, proving the novelist’s ability of character development.

To make a clearer statement of the character of Zamora, one needs to consider him as a person who does not have the true spirit of a discoverer. The joy that he possesses is not that of a true Philippine. He holds the attitude of the colonizers but really has a struggling persona. Hagedorn portrays beautifully the unreliable and self-serving champion of the lost tribe in the character of Zamora. The historic discovery made by Zamora is exposed toward the end of the novel as a fraud and fabricated hoax. The motivation behind the discovery of the tribe has never been the progress of it, but mere personal achievement.

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