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Some others try to attain the maximum attention through incessant talk. Such people are always the life of the party, where they catch the glimpse of all those around them. When a group of people is gathered in a room, the attention of all people is towards the one who talks more. There is nothing wrong with talking itself. However, utilizing “the gift of gab” alone is not enough to develop a pleasing personality. However, there are a lot of people who draw the attention of others not just by loose talking but informing, enlightening and persuading through their talk. There are some who are shy and reluctant to speak as they would make any mistake. Such people develop low-self esteem thinking that they do not have anything sufficient to contribute to the conversation. People who want to draw attention to themselves dress provocatively, exhibit incongruously seductive, and behave in a flirtatious manner. In order to get the maximum attention they shift their emotions rapidly while interacting with another person. Moreover, while talking with somebody, such persons behave very dramatically as though presenting in front of an audience. However, they appear to have lack of genuineness. To be the center of attraction, they want continuous reassurance and support form others about each of their activity. And so, they are always overly concerned about their physical appearance and the way how others are looking at them. The most important weakness of such people is that they are easily influenced by others. They are highly sensitive to criticism and cannot withstand any disapproval from others. To obtain the attraction of all, they are ready to do anything and thus make rash decisions. They are always self-centered and seldom show concern for others. They are weak in maintaining a relationship and are bogus or shallow while dealing with others. Even further, they threaten or attempt to commit suicide to get the attention of the society. On the other hand, Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) is a condition referred as dramatic personality disorders. Such disorders are the negative impacts out of a person’s psychological imbalances. People who suffer from such disorder face with extreme and unsound emotions and distorted self-images. As Sperry points out, people having histrionic personality disorder depend on the comments of others and not believe their own feeling of self-worth (131). They always have an irresistible desire to be noticed, and often behave noticeably or inappropriately to grab the attention of others. The literal meaning of histrionic refers to dramatic or theatrical. The histrionic personality is commonly seen in women and in men, and the symptoms are evident by early adulthood. In almost all cases, the people with such disorder seem to have excellent social skills and talents. but they are more likely to use these skills to influence others in order that they could be the center of attention. They feel much uncomfortable unless they are noticed by all others. Even though the exact reason for Histrionic Personality Disorder is not found out, health care professionals suggest that both inherited and learned elements play vital roles in the development of such disorder. Besides environment, factors evolved with a child can create an atmosphere for the child to develop a disorder (Sperry, 131).

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