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This article will examine each of the actions taken by Alex Polizzi in different scenes that she visited. It has two seasons, each having six episodes. Season 1 Episode 1 In this episode, Alex Polizzi, an entrepreneur from the Courtyard Bridalwear, single handedly starts a campaign aimed at saving struggling families in the face of the prevailing tricky financial situations. Her first mission was on a Kettering based bridalwear business located in North Hamptonshire. A mother and her two daughters who are engaged in squabbles apparently run this business. Although, the business owner, Anne Preece has decided to remortgage her house to ensure that the business remains succeeds, a decline in profits is still evident. Besides, the business is obsolete, overstocked and seemingly weary. Furthermore, the frequent arguments by the daughters only help to worsen the situation. In order to save this situation, Alex must employ strategic business ideas in his endeavors to make the women reconsider their feelings towards each other in the hope of turning the fortunes of the business. Apparently, conflicts form part of family businesses meaning that business managers must find appropriate strategies for dealing with them. Alex Polizzi indicates that an amicable relationship between the mother and her two daughters needs the development of formal management structures that would integrate standard practices and policies for managing their business. This would ensure that each person in the business has her duties and roles discretely defined. As a result, it would be simple to avoid cases of conflicts mainly caused by overlap of duties. Season 1 Episode 2 In this episode, Alex Polizzi focuses her attention to a family bakery owned by the Eades in Padstow Cornwall. This business enterprise is at the receiving end of low tourists visitations and holyday makers due to the winter situations that seem to affect business activities, as well as proceeds. Although, the business is owned as a family, Elaine makes all the decisions of the business without the regard of her children, Luisa and Greg, who are both directors of the business. Subsequently, the business massively suffers from constant recriminations and arguments that slow its progression. It takes the intervention of Alex to instill business ideologies to Elaine’s husband and give him direction of running a business. Alex vehemently states that decision making at all levels should be an involving affair that requires participation of important stakeholders. This supposes that the mother and all her daughters must take part in the decision-making agenda. This would ensure that the decisions that are reached upon are all encompassing. An additional way of resolving such issues and ensuring that the business remains on course is ensuring that the members of the family who are involved in executing operations of the business are entitled to standard salaries. This will help minimize the rivalry in families when issues that pertain to finances arise. Season 1 Episode 3 In this episode, Alex Polizzi’s expertise comes in handy when she is called upon to help a furniture business located in Yeadon, West Yorkshire. Although the business has been in existence for more than three decades, it is now losing its customers at a very fast rate owing to its obsolete state.

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