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It is also worth noting that this tradition of changing and rebranding has remained its business plan for nearly all of its products (Botti 214). Additionally, the General Mills Company usually changes its logo, motto, and products. thus, its reputation has kept on changing thereby attracting numerous customers on board. hence, increasing its market demands. The only things that usually remain intact are the ingredients and recipe of making the yogurt that was designed in the year 1965. Despite retaining the recipe and the ingredient of the yogurt, the value of this product is recorded to have changed compared to the values of the parent company. Nonetheless, the Yoplait yogurt has been changing in quality from good to excellent. PART 1: Use Secondary Research Historical Background The Yoplait Yogurt came into existence nearly 50 years ago. This means that it was founded in the year 1964 when nearly 100,000 French farmers decided to start a business of selling their dairy products. After one year, in the year 1965, Yola, two co-ops, and Coplait merged to create Yoplait. The logo of this company during this time was five flower petals with each petal representing each founder group. In the year 1971, the petal representing each founder. In the year 1971, the Yoplait resided permanently in the United States and Canada where it acquired the brand name, General Mills in the year 1977 (Segrave 121). The main mission of this company has been to nourish lives while focusing in nourishing communities and futures. In partnership of companies, they were striving to makes the customers’ lives healthier, richer, and easier. They aimed at achieving these goals through delivering vital nutrients by increasing intake of people on whole grains through providing food that attributes to healthy heart diet. Achieving these objectives were means of helping people to manage their weight. The company achieved the customers’ easier lives by providing convenient meals that were packed in convenient containers and have nourishing elements that create special moments for friends and families. Some of the values that are added in the Yoplait Yogurt include doing right thing always, being innovative in all business aspects, building great brans, striving to maintain a consistent superior performance and to respect, invest, and develop people using the product (Botti 319). Marketing aspect of Yoplait Yogurt Since the advent of Yoplait Yogurt, Yoplait Yogurt has been created into seven general yogurt types with each of them further divided into other yogurt types. Nonetheless, since the first original Yoplait Yogurt was made, developer have since been conducting series of research and development to create other new Yoplait Yogurt’s flavors and creation (Segrave 201). This has created different and numerous Yoplait Yogurt that provide consumers with different Yoplait Yogurt types in the market. Notable, there are nearly 22 Yoplait Yogurt flavors that are available for the consumers to choose from. Numerous flavors provide variety of the product in the market. thus, increasing the sale of Yoplait Yogurt. Additionally, different ingredient also offers different Yoplait Yogurts for consumers to choose from. hence, increasing the sales of the company (Levenstein 81). Moreover, offering different tastes targeting different ages that are children and adults is also a product design as a means of advertising.

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