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The RE is the establishment of the faith and responsiveness to the presence of God, to practice his orders and to lead a life with the patterns, which are given by God to his creatures through his messengers. Religion is the faith, faith in God. The RE first begins with the lap of the mother. Parents are the first educators of a child in the development of their faith in God. The values and thoughts, once developed in God are everlasting and parents are responsible to develop believes through in-formal way of teaching in pre-school days of child. However, the comprehensive and systematic study of the religion needs a person who knows well about faith, religion and has firm belief in God. A teacher is a person who builds a base of pupil with the relationship between faith and life in a manner that makes the pupils curious to learn more about religion. According to Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools (1996: p. 10) the outcome of RE may be “religiously literate young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills, appropriate to their age and capacity, to think spiritually, ethically and theologically and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in every day life”.

Discipline is the pre-requisite for proper learning and teaching process in the school and classroom. As for as RE is concerned, the discipline is more important because it needs more attention and concentration of pupils to learn. The pupils need limits and the teacher should manage properly when he is in the classroom. So, classroom management is essential both for a teacher and a student, to develop and promote faith in God. Good classroom management means, to provide the pupils enough freedom and courage to discuss among themselves about the context of the subject within discipline and limits. Pupils should know the limits and teacher should not make them cross the limits.

Teaching of Religious Education (RE)

The success of the teaching of RE lies in the quality and dedication of the teachers. So, recruitment of able and devoted teachers is a pre-requisite of a good teaching in the subject of RE. I think, the proper way to teach the subject of religion is to involve pupils in the process of teaching. There should be exercises, writing activities, and group discussions and brainstorming through questions/answers.

In the classroom, the teacher should judge the feelings, motivations and opinions of their pupils in order to manage classrooms more effectively. Encourage the pupils to express their ideas, opinions and thoughts and know the religious trends of their pupils. Teach them the objectives of the subject within the limits of the time.

Religious Education: from Classroom to Society

Classroom of the RE plays an important role in the life of a pupil. It is the place, which either makes his mind social or fundamentalist. Understanding an issue, by uncovering the network of interrelationships, not only leads to a new awareness but also usually offers a wealth of ideas (Altrichter et al 1993: p. 160). So, try to develop positive ideas in mind of your pupils regarding religion and society.

ICT in Religious Education (RE)

ICT stands for “Information Communication Technology”. ICT in RE means the use of modern techniques and approaches to understand religious affairs.

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