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The unique aspect of the business will be the fact that designs will be developed from various themes or factors that demonstrate Britishness and instead of shipping finished clothing from the United Kingdom. the company will establish its own production plant in Hong Kong where labor is cheaper than in the UK. Research problem and objectives Collis and Hussey (2009) argued that before implementing a business idea it is always crucial to conduct a research about the market in order to establish the feasibility or the likelihood of the business idea becoming successful. Equally, before launching the Brit-Wear Fashion Company in Hong Kong it is of essence to conduct a market research focusing on the Hong Kong fashion/ clothing market. The main factors that the market research will be investigating are the market size that is available for the Brit-Wear Fashion Company in Hong Kong, the present trends that are prevailing in the Hong Kong fashion industry, the competitors present in the Hong Kong market and their unique advantage. Additionally, the demand that currently exist in the market for fashion clothes designed using British themes, and environmental factors affecting the Hong Kong fashion industry such as the economic, political, and technological issues. It is significant to note that these factors listed above are the objectives of conducting the market research. In order to attain these research objectives the researcher employed secondary research technique, which according to Collis and Hussey (2009), involves the collection of data from sources that already exists such as scholarly books, journal articles, and credible internet sites. The researcher opted to use three credible publications that contain pertinent information relating to the objectives listed above. In a scenario whereby it would be possible to conduct primary research, then the research would have seek to answers the research objectives/ question based on actual responses from participants who would have comprised of a random sample population of at least twenty men and women from Hong Kong and two prominent fashion designers based in Hong Kong. The primary research process would have been conducted using questionnaires and the two prominent fashion designers would have been further interviewed to provide further insights into the research questions. Secondary research findings In reference to the research publications that was written by Poon (2013), it is stated that clothing companies in Hong Kong have gain wide reputation for their quality production and reliability since they deliver quality clothing within a short lead-time. The Hong Kong clothing industry is a major sector within the region and it is the third top employer within the region based on the fact that there are 1,021 clothing companies that employee over ten thousand workers. According to Poon (2013), in the international arena of fashion, the Hong Kong fashion industry is a critical player since it exports most of its products to international markets that includes even the United Kingdom and some of their products are stocked in leading fashion retail stores in both America and Europe such as JC Penney, Macy’s, Sears, and The Gap. Additionally, world-renowned fashion retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others source some of their clothes from Hong Kong.&nbsp.

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