Read through your peers’ posts and select one to comment upon (try to select a peer who hasn’t received a comment).  For your comment, you’ll propose your Editing Plan for your peer’s story: your approach to how you believe the film should be edited.  This is a written proposal. (target 250 words; no penalty for going over, but keep your work close to the target)

Consider carefully the three responsibilities of the editor.  You should specify in your Editing Plan:

  1. How the film will begin (e.g. “we fade in slowly…”) and end (e.g. “fast fade out)
  2. The specific transitions (e.g. dissolves, cuts)
  3. Include at least one Match Cut (these are explored in your reading and in the RocketJump Film School video “Cuts and Transitions 101” available in our Weekly Assignments for Editing).
  4. This is a story told in three scenes.  Focus your plan on the transitions between the major scenes (as presented by your peer).
  5. Briefly but clearly justify your choices.
  6. Value the intention and vision of your peer based on their presentation.

What if you post your comment at the same time as someone else? 

It can happen.  If it does, you can keep your posted comment and receive credit, as long as you make sure your comment is not using the same editing plan used by the other peer who posted their comment before yours.  If your comment uses the same editing plan as the other comment, then you’ll need to edit or repost with a different editing plan.  Post early and you’re less likely to run into this obstacle.

               below is the blog that you should comment on

        The beginning opens with a shot of our main character with an extreme close shot of his eyes. Our main character, Albert, is a high school basketball player in the championship game. He looks determined and is visibly sweating. His eyes taking up most of the frame create a feeling of intensity in the audience. Time appears to be slowed down and all noise in a part of the background and muffled. These noises include yelling from teammates, squeaking of shoes,  and heavy breathing. The game is very close to ending, with 3 seconds left on the clock. This shot will make or break the game. The pressure is on, especially since there are college scouts watching carefully from the sidelines, and are about to make their final judgments of Albert’s performance. The next shot is a flashback to Albert looking at his brother resting in a hospital bed. His brother had been in an accident a couple months prior, and the hospital bills were costing Albert’s family a fortune. They had to take money out of Albert’s college funds to pay for treatment for Albert’s brother. It is a medium shot of his brother in the bed and resting peacefully. The purpose of this shot is to show how Albert is driven by the love of his brother. He also remembers the distressed looks on his parents’ faces as they are struggling to pay for the expensive treatment and having to deal with their son being hurt badly. The final shot is a close up of the ball being shot into the hoop by Albert as the buzzer goes off in the background. The close up shot once again adds intensity to the moment, showing the only thing happening at the time that matters is if the shot makes it or not. As the ball makes it in, Albert is in disbelief as his teammates start going nuts and the scouts in the crowd come down from the stands to approach Albert about their scholarship opportunities.

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