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This process ensures evaluation of venerable threat to the company, a system is developed where the threats are usually eliminated (Steven 3). A large company needs a system that provides assurances from the top down because the top management hold most of the crucial information and this makes them more venerable compared to other workers. A system should be created that seek, to protect and minims available threat among top management this is because of, crucial information that the person holding these offices have. For example it would be of relevance’s to have a top-down system in World Bank, where IA practitioner usually makes sure that, the higher the offices the more threats are posed and should be evaluated most, compared to a junior employee who is a clerical officer and would not be having any crucial information that poses as any threat. The CEO of such a company should be placed in a system that gives assurance protection of all his working with a third party, this is because he/she is the central nerve of the company (Cook 6). If a company was small in size, I would go for same level type of assurances, because it would be possible to have assurances in the same at all levels considering the size. this would be facilitated by the fact that. supervising small companies is easier compared to big companies. Take the example of the World bank, it has a lot of departments and its work forces is huge making it impossible to have the same assurances at all levels. A baseline set of IT assets They are two types of data IT that need to be incorporated into the shop this is. authorized asset data and deployed asset data. Authorized asset data should be set up in the shop, to record all activities of purchasing, selling and storing goods. The shop does not have any system that records activities that take place in the shop. This makes the owner venerable from loss of information. the only storage of activities that have taken place, is the owner’s brain and is likely to forget. This process authorized asset data, gathers all information and records it in a backed up storage for future references, it’s also used to make sure all transactions are accounted for and they can be tracked down easily (Roger 2). Deployed asset data are a process of collecting information, this process is actually in use in the shop but it’s not properly used, this is because the camera system placed in the shop doesn’t have a recording backup capability, it’s only used for surveillances. Being a shop that is very vulnerable to be attacked, strategic positioning and recording cameras should be placed inside and outside the shop to enable monitoring of movement around the shop 24/7 to ensure maximum security. The owner cannot be the security officer at the same type sell jewels. he should employ a security person. The risks that are coming out in this shop are. breakage at night and organized gangs posing as customers during day time. On the threat of breakage at night, the owner should employ a security officer who should take care of the shop, because the jewels are leaving them at night are likely to be an easy target when they is no one to look over them. Placing a security guard at the entrances, should be of ability to make sure all of the people who are entering the shop don’t carry any weapon of try to steal by pretending they are buying (Fowler 3).

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