Can you please help my with my homework. I don’t understand statistics that well. Thank you

2018 Group Research Report Task Rationale In this report, you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the relevant statistical concepts and techniques that have been discussed and presented in the lectures.

Time will be allocated in each computer workshop to discuss the report and the tasks.

The rationale for each task is as follows:

? Task A: use descriptive measures to describe a set of data via statistics and graphics.

? Task B: use an inferential technique to answer a pre-determined question

? Task C: interpret the results generated from tasks A and B. Group Dynamics There are to be four (4) people in your group.

Report Submission Due Date: Wednesday of week 12 in a designated assignment collection box

Word Limit: 2000 words (Note: captions and Bibliography is not included in the word count)

Report Topic – Temperature Analysis of two locations Understanding of weather systems plays an important role in many scientific communities. In this research report you will be analysing a set of data concerning the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI). The SOI, in short, gives an indication of the development and intensity of El Niño or La Niña events in the Pacific Ocean and is calculated using the pressure differences between Tahiti and Darwin Report Tasks You are to prepare a research report that aims to answer ALL of the following THREE (3) tasks.

The tasks are designed so that you will have an understanding of collecting, summarising, analysing, interpreting and making inferences about statistical data. Task A: As a research officer you have been asked to investigate and provide and explanation of what the SOI data represent. You are to prepare a short one page (400 word) explanation of the Index explaining what it is, how it is used, how it is calculated. Task B: Your immediate superior is concerned that you may need to use the SOI data for inference purposes hence has asked you to summarise, analyse and interpret the data. This task focuses on descriptive measures hence you will need to consider the distribution of the pressures at the two locations, (or differences), any graphics and statistics that would commonly be used to describe the distributions for each location. All R code used to generate the statistics is to be adequately commented and listed in an appendix. Statistics Research report task Page 2 Task C: One of your colleagues has suggested that the weather in both locations is the same, that is, there are no significant differences between the pressures at Darwin and Tahiti. You are to choose an appropriate technique in order to investigate that statement. You should also include a full justification of the choice of technique, its assumptions, limitations as well as graphical analysis that could be used to support the analysis and answer your colleague. You should read through the criteria sheet carefully so as to be aware of the criteria on which your research report will be graded. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Referencing The research report is primarily based on the data provided. If however you wish to include additional information, then please include a bibliography. However please note that the focus of this research report is on the summation, analysis and interpretation of the data itself. You will, however, need to justify the choice of your statistical inference method.

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