Write a 4 page essay on Entrepreneurship.Excellent Leadership Qualities and Strong urge for ethics and integrity.

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Clearly, this is a misconstrued notion that cannot be accepted in modern business management. Indeed, the modern day entrepreneur is expected to exhibit certain key characteristics, skills, and have certain background to the day to day management of his business, without which the business cannot be expected to grow. In this paper, some of the skills, characteristics and backgrounds that make successful entrepreneurs are discussed with real examples of how these features about some entrepreneurs have ensured success for them. There is specific emphasis and focus on emerging markets, but without any single emerging market in mind. The key characteristics that some entrepreneurs have exhibited over the years in various emerging markets, the aid of which has made them highly successful shall be discussed. Excellent Leadership Qualities The leadership of the company primarily refers to the management of visionary direction for the company. This responsibility is played by several people within the organization, and in some cases, some leaders becoming followers to other leaders (Coy et al, 2007). But as far as the entrepreneur is concerned, he is often seen as the last reporting leader within the organization. This is to say that the entrepreneur acts as the head of the organizational structure and is therefore the ultimate leader. In effect, the kind of leadership qualities that the entrepreneur displays will go a very long way to determine the visional direction that the entire organization will have. With the question as to what excellent leadership qualities are, Capelleras et al (2010) explained that it involves the ability of the leader to be identified with as many leadership styles as possible and learn to rightly apply each of them as and when they become necessary for an organizational scenario. In effect, a leader’s leadership must always be seen as appropriate in practice. and this is what constitutes an excellent leadership quality. Strong urge for ethics and integrity Show me a leader without ethics and integrity and I will show you a dying company and this is according to Benzing, Chu &amp. Callanan (2005). Ethics and integrity constitute a personal and behavioral characteristic that is needed by the entrepreneur to make him trustworthy and credible in the area of business that he is involved in. with the advent of corporate image and corporate branding, stakeholders including customers, shareholders and suppliers are looking for corporate managers and leaders who represent not just a money making machine but an overall of credibility and trust when left with the finances and welfare of a larger group of people (Benzing, Chu &amp. Callanan, 2005). Commonly, the way of thinking is that when entrepreneurs cannot on by themselves proof to be credible, they can easily use manipulative and unacceptable means of making their businesses grow. In an emerging market where most of the local customers are considered as vulnerable to market marketing mix strategies as lower prices, such entrepreneurs who are suspecting in their ethics and integrity can be tagged with dubious means of making their prices cheaper such as the invasion of taxes or use of unwholesome raw materials in manufacturing. Empowered Self Motivation Motivation comes in several forms, commonly intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

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