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Improvements were measured through the reduction of standard treatments required for these cases such as intubation and medication.


This systematic review was undertaken to verify the effects of positive airway pressure in the improvement in mortality of patients with pulmonary oedema. In addition to the status of the patients, they are those in the emergency rooms or emergency conditions or those who met an accident that needs immediate treatment.


Pulmonary oedema is a health condition that is associated with breathing struggles, blood expectoration, undue perspiration and uneasiness. This is because to the presence of water in the lungs of the patients. Pulmonary oedema happens due to abnormal gas transport of the body and in extreme cases can led to death. The malfunctioning of the respiratory system due to limited gas and abnormal gas movement will be the specific cause of death of the patient. Several reasons or causes of pulmonary oedema are heart ailments, respiratory conditions or trauma brought by severe accident (“Pulmonary Edema”, n.d.).

Pulmonary oedema is caused by different factors. A particular example of this ailment that is related to heart ailment is Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). In this condition, the pulmonary oedema is an effect of the pressure changes in the lung area or in the interstitial space and causes accumulation of fluid in these areas. Another specific condition that can lead to this pulmonary oedema is the change in ‘capillary permeability’ due to acute respiratory deficiency syndrome (ARDS). This is known to be the deficiency in surfactants that retain the stability in the lung tissue….

This study was conducted to assess and summarize the existing studies in relation to the improvement in the mortality of patients with pulmonary edema through the administration of positive airway pressure focusing on the emergency and accident cases in medical care institutions. This was deemed important because of the need for a standardized treatment procedure that can help the patients suffering from pulmonary edema. This is a relevant clinical and medical issue due to the fact that this condition is a manifestation of other medical ailments such as cardio-related and pulmonary diseases.

In the review conducted, the determination of the improvement in the mortality rate of the patients with pulmonary edema, under emergency cases, though the administration of positive airway pressure brought about a positive result. Based on the studies that were chosen for the review, improvement in the conditions of the patients that were applied with positive air pressure, as part of the preliminary treatment, was observed.

The subject of the studies being selected includes patients of the age group &gt.50 years old with pulmonary edema secondary to cardiac and respiratory ailments. Improvements on the method of treatment were measured through the reduction of the standard treatment procedure.

As compared to other methods of treatment, the positive airway pressure delivered more improvement based on the result of the selected two studies wherein the rate of mortality and survival of the patients are observed to be better.

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