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More specifically, seeking to define diversity in such obvious terms is ultimately counterproductive and goes against the very fabric of what diversity is intended to mean. Within such a manner, the future application of this information for this particular student encourages me to attempt to understand diversity from a more nuanced perspective that has traditionally been accepted and/or appreciated. Likewise, an understanding and appreciation that can be evidenced by discussion number two are with regards to the fact that certain barriers continually exist with regards to the diversity that can be appreciated by any group. Whereas it is oftentimes discounted within society that these barriers exist, they nonetheless do and can completely derail the potential of an individual to be taken seriously or to integrate further within the group in question. Within such a level of understanding, it is incumbent upon the leader to seek to promote diversity throughout the culture of the respective group/entity in question. Although this may seem as something of an obvious choice, diversity is more often than not viewed as something of a personal decision. Although it is beneficial for the individual to integrate with an understanding of diversity and means by which it can affect their own lives, seeking to promote this level of diversity throughout the culture of the organization and/or entity in question is equally important to engaging the needs of those in question. Furthermore, with regards to the third discussion, it can be stated that cultural intelligence and diversity cannot exist independent of one another. What is meant by this is the fact that cultural intelligence is ultimately required for level of diversity to be exhibited. As a means of applying this in the workplace, or within one’s own life, it must be understood that prior to making any level of decisions one must first consider the unique culture and background of those in question and how such changes and/or discussions might impact upon them in a different manner. Ultimately, this is the core of what multiculturalism represents. Rather than merely being a “touchy-feely” means of understanding, this approach allows for a heightened sense of realization within the minds of the stakeholders and decision makers of a given group. With regards to applying discussion number four to my own personal and professional life, it must be understood that the leader of any group, or the educator of any class, must be continually aware of the fact that even if the information being presented to this group is uniform, each of the participants will come away with their own unique understanding. Within such a level of analysis, it is necessary to consider some of the possible takeaways that individuals might have from any level of instruction they are given. Seeking to analyze this differentiation and understanding prior to presentation is a highly effective means of seeking to reduce any potential future disconnects that might, to prominence as a result of misunderstood or improperly presented information. Finally, with respect to the article “Reducing Resistance to Change or Conflict”, it can be said that my future leadership style will necessarily take these factors into consideration.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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