Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Interview, assessment, narrative, theoretical analysis and critical reflection.

This paper seeks to determine the psychological development at a later phase of adult life. This is by conducting a face to face interview with a 72 year old retired business lady, who in this paper will refer to her as Marie for anonymity reasons. This paper seeks to establish the biological, cognitive and psychosocial development of Marie who is going through desperation at her present age. Therefore, this paper introduces the narrative of Marie’s personal life with special attention to her life events and experiences that were crucial in her life and lifespan. The paper analyses Marie’s development theoretically by integrating theories and empirical work. Finally, a critical reflection of the personal and clinical insights gained as a result of conducting the interview and completing the analysis is summarized. Introduction Marie narrates with ease and happiness about her young life when she enjoyed playing netball and going for swimming back in high school. She says that she was strong enough to work all day long in her mother’s kitchen garden where she lifted and moved heavy flower pots as a young girl. Things have changed now where she only spends most of her time reading newspapers and engaging in aging seminar discussions. She no longer considers taking up heavy chores like lifting heavy objects. Despite the fact that she enjoys workouts, she only undertakes simple exercises where it lasts for a few minutes to avoid exhaustion. Marie, who was born in a family of three boys and two girls in New York City, had lovely parents who always ensured that all of their children followed rules to the letter. Marie’s father was a tutor in an elementary college whereas her mother was a nurse in a local clinic. Marie’s parents brought them up with an iron fist. This is more especially with Marie’s mother who worked so hard to ensure that she shaped her children’s future. For example, Marie says that her mother would not even allow her to pick her scarf or wear warm cloths during winter, only for the reason that her children needed to harden for the future. Over and above, Marie valued her mother so much and she believes that she has taken after her in all manner of ways. Marie speaks about her life like a child with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. This is additionally, short lived when she points out that she became heart broken when she lost her mum at a tender age. This event shattered her and made her lose touch with her friends and neighbors completely. She lost the ability and strength to walk the streets with her friend’s and this began to take a toll on her class and outdoor performances. On the other hand, as she grew older, she developed strong ways of overcoming her mother’s death even though her mother’s memories still linger in her mind. When her father passed on 15 years later, Marie claims that she had some energy to withstand the pain of loss of a loved one. Nonetheless, she claims that due to the fact that her father never stayed at home for the better part of their lives as children, she could not feel the loss like she did when her mother passed on. The loss of Marie’s husband when she was only 50 tormented her even more and this made her recall the loss of her loving mother. She compares her husband’s loss with her mother’s due to the fact that they both share similar characteristics.

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