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The use of social networking websites increased with the innovation of gadgets. The study will lay emphasis on how the management of Stone Goose can utilize the benefits of social media tools for the smooth execution of marketing activities. Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Table of Contents 7 Introduction 12 Value Added Benefit of Social Media Marketing Tools 17 Usage of Social Marketing Platforms 22 Implementation of Social Media Platforms 27 Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Model 32 Incorporating Social Media Policy 37 Conclusion 40 Introduction Social networking is defined as an online community that allows people to develop profiles of their backgrounds and interests, communicate with friends and strangers, and share thoughts, photos, Internet links, music etc (Vermaat &amp. Shelly 2006).The utility of the social media tools is prevalent and websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are gaining recognition because of its usage by billions of people worldwide for professional and personal uses. The business organizations are developing several social media policies which help providing new opportunities to the organization for networking and attracting new clients, recruitment and marketing of services and promotion of brands with minimum of financial commitment. Many organizations encourage the use of social media in most of the marketing activities but they are also aware of the benefits of social media are associated with huge number of risks. These organizations actively encourage the usage of sales of business development and also branding of marketing and services. Social media policy helps in setting out standards that an organization expects from the employees while their usage of social media marketing for various online media marketing activities. The social media policies serves purposeful and acts like a guidance for the employers and employees in helping them to distinguish in the course of employment and also help in setting out the different course of actions which can lead to possible consequences which help the employees in breaching the policy. The benefits of the social media marketing tools will help in marking out new business development ideas which will outweigh the risks associated with each of the project. The organizations will recognize the risks associated with the organization and give a certain level of protection for their marketing activities. Value Added Benefit of Social Media Marketing Tools The marketing mix will serve purposeful in construction of planning and implementation of social marketing programs which is designed specifically to encourage the behavioral change. Price, place, product and promotional activities are some of the important central elements which are pivotal for social marketing campaigns and help in reaching out to a desired social media target and also come to a unified social media decision (Merrill, Kenneth, Navetta &amp. Santalesa, 2010). The new communication model helps in giving the social marketers a challenge to reach the desired target and goals. The new form of communication model gives the social marketer an opportunity and also a platform to attain a desired target. The new communication model facilitates uniformed managerial decision making and also helps them in arriving at a unified critical decision points.

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