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Students themselves find it convenient to use ICT to learn rather than traditionally attending lessons. Moreover, developments in ICT like the virtual field trip are also highly appreciated and are enhancing the learning of students in subject based lessons.

Information Technology is a revolution of contemporary times. It is a concept, a term which has changed the way this world functions and integrates itself into one unit. Defining information technology is a complex task because it encompasses so many things and its scope is so huge that it is difficult to simplify and state. If we try to define information technology in a very comprehensive and compact way, we can say that it is concerned with everything regarding computer-based information systems, especially with the software and hardware that are used to help them function. The software applications and computer hardware that are used to support all these computer systems form a major part of this study. Moreover, whether we think of the study, their design, their further development, the implementation and use, them being support systems in many fields or their effective management, it all lies in the term information technology.

Information is the most valuable intangible asset that can be possessed by an individual, a team or a big corporation. Information technology is that revolution in science which allows for this information to be safely kept by these people. It deals and places high importance on the efficient and effective use of this information through helping its conversion, proper storage, first-class protection, relevant processing depending on the type of information, its transmittal to the correct person and timely retrieval. It does all these steps ensuring and making the information’s security its top priority.

Our research paper has its topic “Advantages of ICT”. ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. This term has replaced the term “Information Technology” further broadening the term so that it inculcates in itself the concept of communication which is growing and expanding its wings with an accelerating speed. Communication has become electronic, facilitating its happenings through two computers, connecting two people through wireless connections and bringing the whole world closer. Another substitute for the term is IT &amp. T, which stands for Information Technology and Telecommunication. Communication through these computer-based information systems has become widely popular and this resulted in the integration of the term “Communications” or “Telecommunications” with “Information Technology”.

In modern times, this term has widened in its scope like anything. It focuses on so many various aspects of computing, technology and communication through technology. Therefore, many fields lie under the umbrella of Information and Communications Technology. Because of its wide scope, people who are IT specialists can be known to be specialists in many things at once.


Information communications and technology is a technology that can be very effectively used in the field of education. Its advantages are numerous is it is applied in the right context and in the right way.

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