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The present competitive environment is characterized by numerous market players trying to capture the same market segment. Bargaining power of consumers is on the high and hence it has become a very important issue among the managers to create a distinction and have an edge in the market (Chew &amp. Gottschalk, 2009, p.57)). Companies are spending billions to analyze the demands of the customers and undertaking continuous research and development to market products that satisfies the ever changing needs of the consumers. In this regard marketers also banking upon advertising as a medium to communicate to the target market audience (Pringle &amp. Marshall, 2012, p.16). This assumes importance as in the present age of competition it is very necessary to remain in close contact with the customers and also have channels that can help marketers communicate with the customers (Rich, 2009, p.218). Huge volumes of resources and time are being spent on creating advertisements that are innovative so as to ensure that the intended message reaches out to the consumers. Extensive market research is being carried out to ensure that the advertisements are creative and that individuals take time to view these advertisements and that the intended message reaches out to the target market audience (Yeshin, 2005, p.215-216). However with all the organization placing numerous advertisements it has been found that customers are getting annoyed and irritated by the number of such advertisements that they are being flooded everyday. Customer’s everyday is bombarded with mails, messages as well as advertisements on television and print media that are confusing them and as a result they are largely ignoring these advertisements (Kenworthy &amp. Rodrigues, 2007, p.141). This has made it very essential to not only generate innovative means of advertising but also ensure that the advertisements are popular and acceptable by the audience. The question of ethics also comes into play in this regard with many marketers indulging in unethical means to ensure viewership of advertisements (Lee &amp. Johnson, 2005, p.174). Hence it has been a critical aspect for marketers to undertake strategies in this regard so as to ensure that advertisements are effective and that the intended message reaches out to the customers in an effective manner that generates value or the customers as well as the organization. The aspect of proper advertising also implies copyrights with various companies trying to outpace each other by copying or mimicking the advertisements of their competitors. Governments across nations are also putting legislative regulation on marketing advertisements so as to ensure fair competition in the market (Buskop, 2008, p.120). The present study would specifically analyze the aspect of advertisements that would include analyzing the aspect of creating innovations in advertisements and promotions and also to ensure that customers view the advertisements and the correct message reaches out to the target market segments so as to help a company stay ahead of the competition in the market and generate innovations. Importance of Art of Copywriting The art of Copywriting is as important as ever, no matter how much the advertising world has changed.

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