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There are also various sub plots within the novel that intertwines with few other characters of the novel. The characters of the novel are bound with little moral values and runs after possession of wealth and materialistic values all throughout their life. Thus, the focus will be on how the characters went after one of the American Dream of acquisition of materialistic things particularly financial wealth, although that pursuit brought out their selfish side and also took them on a self-destructive path, all of which not only prevented them from reaching the beautiful state, but made also them realize their folly. Most of the characters in the novel are corrupted in the chase of wealth. There is a lack of morality in the lives of these characters as they focus on the possession of wealth and pleasure for their own gain. The author depicts how the characters tend to use people and things for their mere selfishness. Thus, their lives end up devoid of purposes and true love. This is well portrayed in the personality of each character of the novel. Fitzgerald presents the character of Gatsby, as a ceaseless possessor of wealth through all means. The reason behind his strong determination for accumulating wealth, even through illegal ways, was his true love. He believes that with the wealth he had possessed, he can get back his lost love. He strives hard in tempting and winning over his love, Daisy. However, life proves finally, that it is just an illusion. All his attempts to pursue Daisy were met with negative results. Thus, Gatsby had to face various consequences for his acts to reach his version of American dream. It shows in the end of the novel, how fallacious use of wealth can pave way for one’s destruction. Actually, Gatsby views Daisy as his golden girl, a rich man’s beautiful little girl who became an ultimate dream for a poor boy. Even Gatsby describes her as, “Her voice is full of money – that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbal’s song of it. High in a white palace the king’s daughter, the golden girl.” (Fitzgerald 99). On the other hand, Daisy is attracted towards Gatsby for his good looks, which gradually override her obsession towards wealth and so she marries Tom, an extremely wealthy man. Even after the marriage, she starts an affair with Gatsby, flattered by his wealth. Of course, as mentioned above, she was the motive behind his wealth accumulation. She is blinded by the immense wealth that Gatsby holds and has no concerns for his personality and life. Thus, not only Gatsby’s pursuit of wealth, but Daisy’s focus on wealth is viewed critically here because although she overrode her obsession of wealth, she eventually married Tom focusing on the wealth. However, at the same time, even her initial attraction towards Gatsby mainly based on his good looks, also do show her in an apt light. Although, Gatsby may know that Daisy could not be able to understand and pick true love over materialistic things, and thereby is ‘shallow’ when it comes to love, Gatsby was not ready to let her go. The entire lifestyle of Gatsby including parties and possessions were all attempts to attract Daisy. Though he pursued his dream, yet his life turned a downhill from that very moment. Once he had conquered Daisy, the dream of Gatsby is literally fulfilled.

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