Need an argumentative essay on The Daily Life of a President. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Job of a president includes “chairing meetings, setting agendas, appointing committees and assuring their proper functioning, and supervising the board administrator” (Stafford). What to talk of the meals, even the breakfast of a president is hardly ever taken in a private setting. Quite often, the president has to attend breakfast out of the house. Such news are typical of a president. “Georgian College&nbsp.employees are invited to attend a&nbsp.President’s Breakfast& the&nbsp.Barrie, Midland, Orillia&nbsp.andOwen Sound&nbsp.campuses” (“Have Breakfast”). Almost every day, the president has to deal with unforeseen matters and be present beyond the office time to make decisions of national and international significance. This practically involves the president in the job mentally, if not physically for full 24 hours because most presidents can not escape their job even in their dreams. The day of a president starts with the personal secretary’s report, who does the night duty to make note of all news, calls and messages for the president that may arrive in the night while the president is sleeping. While he is delivered a glassful of fresh juice or bed-tea as may liked by the president in the bed, the personal secretary narrates the report and the two discuss how to modify the schedule to incorporate the changes. The secretary also confirms the numbers of flights, time of flights. He also checks if the pre-departure arrangements have been made to all local and abroad tours. The president has breakfast with the family, if he is spared the opportunity by the local ministers, government officials or foreign ministers. A heavy breakfast acquaints the president with all the energy that is required during the day. After the breakfast, the president sets off to make guest appearance at some school, hospital or conference. He may or may not accompany his wife with him on such visits. In a vast majority of cases, presidents take their wives along with them to the opening ceremonies. On his way to the ceremony or conference, the president tends to take a preliminary in-sight to the speech prepared for him by the personal speech-maker. Most presidents appoint a person with exceptional vocal skills for this purpose. The speech is hardly ever read completely and thoroughly by the presidents as they are so many and have to be made at quite a lot of places on a daily basis. Occasionally, a president may experience difficulty reading a speech if the words are printed wrongly. The president’s visit adds tones to the importance of a ceremony and it is brought in the lime-light. The president may be offered buffet at the location of ceremony for lunch. After the ceremony, the president proceeds towards the press-conference for clarifying public’s doubts over the enforcement of recent alterations in the rules and regulations. A president takes the press-conference as an opportunity to clarify the confusions that may have cultivated in the minds of the public and the media from time to time and satisfy their queries. Press-conference is a very challenging event for a president because he has to live answer the most critical questions openly raised by media’s representatives. To make it worse, the whole session is telecast live and each and every emotion of the president is recorded.

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