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In this particular Iraqi private security company, the structure that guides leadership and follower hierarchies include positions of Country Manager, Regional Manager, Operations Manager, Team Leader, 2ic Deputy, driver support staff and a translation expert. Reis &amp. Pena (2007) identify that vertical hierarchies are ill-prepared for empowering workers and will not be ready to accept change. Therefore, to improve performance, it is first necessary to examine the structure that guides interoffice activities and also those impacting client relationships to determine which type of structure is most effective in gaining support from the team members and also at the individual level. Communication, in this type of industry, requires a 360 degree movement, therefore establishing a structure where information moves across the entire employee and manager network instead of merely being elicited from the highest layers of leadership. Delegating is not a difficult managerial task for fostering more support for a project initiative or the basic routine of ensuring quality customer relationship management. Reinstein (2007) identifies that there are three types of individuals that will either support or resist change practices. There is a small support group at 25 percent, undecided varieties that sit on the proverbial fence on issues at 50 percent, and another at 25 percent who are adamantly against change efforts. The key is to first understand the cultural dimensions that drive each member of the team and understand their personality type. In some cases, this can be accomplished through consultation with generic human resources staff to locate or distribute a personality profile testing using reputable models for this research effort. Further showing the inter-linkage between motivation and knowledge, support for more team-based efforts can be accomplished by creating an interpersonal relationship with team members to build support for future efforts involving client relationships. Delegating in the face of change resisting personalities requires an authoritarian approach whilst delegating with undecideds or supporters is merely creating a team-focused environment with a quality blend of social and authoritarian skills. “The first phase of development in teams is membership” (Bushe &amp. Coetzer, 2007, p.187). Delegation occurs effectively when members are already committed to achieving a project or client-related goal. 2. Teams Having already identified the structure of this particular team, there are three specific features that create the need for a progressive and transformational manager to gain support and commitment: 1. It is exposed to conflicting and radically unique cultures with each client interaction. 2. Job roles change significantly with each client scenario, thus it requires flexibility from group members. 3. Management and subordinates are empowered to innovate and work independently from the group. A key player in this group is the translator who functions as a logical and cultural bridge to clients of all varieties. This individual is relied upon by each member of the team as a liaison for client needs and there runs the risk of much being lost in translation both verbally and in terms of expressive body language.

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