Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Investigating Decision-Making Methods.

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Several decision-making strategies exist for such leaders and administrators. In considering which decision, making strategy to use at any particular time requires them to consider the specific public directly affected by the decision and the possible ramifications resulting from the target public’s reaction. As a school leader, Mr. Miller has several decision making strategies to consider o ensure that he makes relevant decisions that do not only safeguard the interests of the different communities but are ethical and perpetuate the moral development of the society at large. Among the strategies are simple prioritizing, satisficing and the pros and cons method. The simple prioritizing method dictates that a leader prioritizes effective by considering the pressing issues at a time. This way, the decisions they make redress the issues effectively thus providing them an opportunity to progress to other issues. Similarly, satisficing just like prioritizing demands that a leader considers the alternatives presented by a scenario until they find the most appropriate. In determining the most appropriate alternative, one considers such factors as the moral and financial implications of the decision. Pros and cons just as the name suggests is a method that requires that leaders considers the positive and negative effects of the available alternative before taking an action. The method commands that the leader carries out adequate research and consultation to determine the effects of the decisions. Mr. Miller as a leader is likely to affect several people with the decisions he makes. It is therefore important that he find out the effects of such beforehand. It is only after finding out the probable effects that he makes a decision by ignoring the alternative that presents him with numerous negativities and selects an alternative with numerous positive effects. While the methods may sound numerous, they have similar structures and are effective in a democratic society (Hill &amp. Jones, 2011). As a school head, Mr. Miler must prove to the society that he is effective leader capable of making effectual decision and handle pressure. More importantly, Mr. Miller must take responsibility of the decision he makes. Taking responsibility is often one of the most difficult aspects of decision-making since some of such would include the negative outcomes of the decision like deteriorating performance or the misappropriation of the school funds. The three decision making strategies discussed above mitigate on the negativity of the outcome of the decision making process as the different publics contribute to the particular decision. Mr. Miller has managed to incorporate the community and different stakeholders to the school management by making inclusive decision. To sustain the relationship he has built with the different publics he must often consider his personality. Leadership relies on the personality, the subject rely on their leader for the moral and psychological support. In the school setup, the rest of the staff and the collaborators would continue support the school despite its performance and outcome of the decisions only if Mr. Miller proves to be independent minded and inspiring. The good decision-making habits that Mr. Miller must possess include making decision under uncertainties.

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