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As Knights, they were highly skilled in warfare, trained in their bodies to be ready for battle at any moment day or night, trained in their wills to selfless subordination and cooperation. With the grace of God, I arrived at a Templar’s Priory safe and without any difficulties along the way. Perhaps, it is really the will of God, that I should serve his crusade to protect the Holy Land from the infidels who makes false claims about their faith. I am just waiting for my investiture, which I have heard so much about but none really has seen, and from then on, I shall be at the disposal of God’s Will. I thank you for bringing me out in this world and taking care of me to be the man that I am today. I know that it worries you so much for me to join this Holy Crusade. But God has purpose for every one of us, and mine is to serve Him and to protect the Faith. Please don’t feel bad as this service will surely earn His Grace and will absolve our sins. If man has to do penance for, it would be better to do it for his service of His crusade. I promise you I will be safe. Please do not worry, God is on my side and He will protect me. Whatever that will happen to me will be according to His Will. For I leave everything to him now, from everything that I own to my own life. For there is no greater glory in this life than to serve the purpose of God. Your beloved son. Dear Camilla, I am writing to you in excitement and in pain. I am excited. Any moment now, I will be dubbed as a Knight and will be joining the ranks of men who serve the Glory of God….

I am excited because any moment now, I will be dubbed as a Knight and will be joining the illustrious ranks of men who serve the Glory of God. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to be in this Priory. Just this morning, I made my prayer to the Almighty bidding you good health and happiness. I already made the necessary preparations of cleansing my soul to be ready to receive the glory of God. From then on, I shall be forbidden to cleanse my physical body for what would matter after that would be the purity of my soul. I love you. I cherish the moments we had and every time I feel lonesome, I just say my prayers and think about you. And all of my worries are gone. But I have to take a code that I am not to covet any earthly possession and woman for I will serve solely God’s Will. I will be sworn to poverty, obedience and chastity. And to that, in as much as my heart bleeds, I know that God has a purpose for both of us. I thank your love, and I have not loved any woman as much as I have loved you. But my calling demands that I have to release you from your engagement to me. For I will become a monk, who will serve only but God. It pains me to release you for I loved you, but I know that in time, this pain will be healed by his Grace. I bid you happiness and health. And may you find a man who will love and cherish you as much as I do. And have a family which I cannot provide. I am breaking up not because of the lack of love, but because of a greater love. Love that encompasseth all things to join a crusade to protect the Faith. Your beloved Letter 3 (letter to a friend) Dear Faust, I am sorry I was not able to say my final bidding when I left. It came to me that you were looking for me and quite worried for me.

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