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All these were taking place in the knowledge of three guarantor powers which reacted three days after the Turkish invasion in Cyprus. The guarantor powers that included the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey decided to agree upon the fate of the invaded island. Seemingly, Turkish had a lot of interest in having the most of the island, and, in fact, it ended up acquiring more than a third of the island illegally (Freedman 402). This came as a result of their Attila II pre-planned physical attack which saw them through their acquisition of the island disregarding opinions of other guarantor powers. The above actions were devastative in nature as many things were destroyed ranging from property in the island to individual lives that were claimed in the process of the attack. As a consequence of their brutality, more than 5000 individuals lost their lives. In addition, there resulted a fate unknown, and nobody could account for 1,614 missing Cypriots as well as 4 citizens from the US during the invasion period, Congregation Record (18108). Before the attack on Cyprus by the Turkey, Greece had come up and led a coup whose intention was made known all. As Freedman (402) noted in his book, the Greek-led coup was to unite Cyprus Island with Greece. This is the sole reason why the Turkish military launched an operation to invade the same island to respond and resist the Greek dominion over the same island (Freedman 402). It is a clear fact that Greece was involved in the fight with Turkey over the Cyprus Island which led to atrocious consequences as the one that had previously mentioned. They tried various means of acquisition of the island including military approaches just to win it over Turkey, but it did not succeed as its expectation was. This fight between Greece, and Turkey over Cyprus made them differ over the Aegean territories. As a result, Greece itself tried to apply a diplomacy involvement in solving the issue at hand by then. This included their withdrawal from active participation in the NATO military command from the year that they experienced the fight between them and the Turkey (Freedman 402). This was s due to their partly protest over the issue regarding Cyprus Island that dominated largely by the Turkey. Huth, (136) brings an important aspect of Greek operations which are regarded to be full of diplomacy. For instance, the Greece itself was not willing to confront Turkey by counter attacking them using their available military to continue fighting over Cyprus Island. They avoided this kind of confrontation but rather withdrew and stayed calm over the issue. According to Huth (136), there have been three main crises that rank nationally between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus. The earlier ones, which happened before the 1974 Turkish attack like the 1964 and the 1967 ones, the government of Greece gave in to diplomatic intervention and resolutions. These diplomatic settlements were as a result of threats of using military for intervention posed by the Turkish government. Indeed, the 1974 confrontation did not see Greece use any military confrontation to contest against the Turkish invasion and domination upon Cyprus Island. There was a great challenge to international democratic peace in 1974when Turkey and Greece had the conflict over Cyprus Island, as Diez (169) has realized.

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