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By doing this, there would be the ability to provide help with those in need of assistance with the illnesses. To completely allow this project to move into completion, there was a focus on strategy, motivation and management that was based on meeting end results and assisting with those in need. By focusing on this, there was the ability to work effectively with those in the community. Profile of the Community The Willows Foundation is one which is focused on assisting those that are ill and between the ages of 16-40. The objective of the organization is to ensure that basic care as well as health care is provided to those in need while assuring that there is less stress among those that are moving through the difficulties with health. The objective is not only based on providing basic assistance but also moves into offering Special Days, which allows those who are facing chronic illness to have times to get out of the condition and away from the continuous pressures and mental distress which comes from having a life threatening disease. By organizing specific activities, there is the ability for the Willows Foundation to bring peace of mind to those who are facing a life – threatening disease, while assisting with types of recovery for those who are in need (Willow Foundation, 2011). The concept of raising funds for the Willow Foundation was followed by the location which was associated with the project. The group which was focused on this comes from various regions of the world, including India, Pakistan and Nigeria. This provides a different outlook and sets of diversity on the main organization. With this approach in mind, was also the component of finding a way to raise the most funds for the project. This was done by creating a target market with a focus on a smaller market segment. The segment was based in Triton Square and had only the competition of Starbucks and Costa. The community is one which knew of the objectives of our organization and the Willow Foundation and it was believed that the promotion would be easily supported with the needs of the organization. How the Activity Evolved The beginning of the planning process was associated with finding an aim and objective as well as an end goal of what we could do with the managerial process. Throughout the project the aim and objectives remained the same and allowed the group to remain unified with what was occurring. After we had decided that the planning needed to incorporate the focus on a humanitarian project with a fundraiser, then there was the ability to move forward in defining the specific goals and working toward achieving the end results with each individual taking the necessary steps. The decision to work with the Willow Foundation was based on research which was conducted as a group. The main ideal was to fulfill the aim of giving back to the community and to work toward highlighting an organization which was interested in assisting others. With the research conducted by the group, it was found that the Willow Foundation was one of the only foundations which offered the Special Days and opportunities for those with life – threatening illnesses, all which provided and implemented a different approach to disease and the components which were a part of this.

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