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It will also discuss various management styles and techniques that would make better site performance. An architect’s obligation related to worksite safety arises out of his agreement with the owner. As in the case of a company auditor, an architect’s duties and responsibilities have to be clearly determined prior to the beginning of work through the preparation of a contract agreement. As Vidal points out, If the architect agrees with the owner to supervise the work continuously, he is responsible to avert defective and dangerous working conditions on-site. However, it is the basic duty of an architect to provide designs and specifications which are necessary to continue the project safely. While an architect designs structures in accordance with his client’s vision, he must enlighten the client regarding all possible elements of risk within that plan. In addition, the architect must suggest appropriate measures to eradicate the identified risk elements. An architect should visit the worksite periodically in order to ensure that operations are carried out adhering to the framed plan. Similarly, the client has to ensure that he/she has taken all mandatory precautions so as to build a safe worksite environment. During the course of project development, it is advisable for the client to arrange some periodical meetings with the architect and worksite manager who can give some useful information to the client regarding the safety levels of worksite environment. A safety engineer is responsible for ensuring the workplace safety. The primary duties of a safety engineer include implementation of safety programs, equipment inspection and maintenance, identification of potential hazards, and formulation of remedial strategies to prevent hazardous factors. An engineer can build a safety work place by improving fire protection techniques and equipment and machinery designs. A safety engineer must be well aware of many areas such as industrial health and safety laws, mechanics, engineering, chemistry, psychology, and other industrial processes in order to perform his duties efficiently. In order to assess whether a safety program would benefit the workplace environment, safety engineer must study the particular aspects of that workplace structure. The worksite managers are responsible for observing whether the proposed safety measures are implemented right way. In a huge workplace setting, there should be separate worksite managers for each workplace division. Since worksite managers get the opportunity to concentrate on a unit, they can personally observe each worker under their department, and it will contribute to the overall workplace safety maintenance. The worksite managers must report the safety engineers or the client if they see any dangerous workplace practices in their department. A quantity surveyor performs wide ranges of functions in an organization and his main duty is to deal with building costs. The quantity surveyors must to be up to date with recent developments in building materials and techniques. They must be also aware of recent governmental regulations regarding worksite safety. In short, the coordinated and thoughtful activities of architect, engineer, client, worksite managers, and quantity surveyor would assist the company management to set a safe working environment.

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