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I finished Bachelor of French Literature which inspired me a lot to study Marketing. I believe that the trade did not just affect the certain group of people I studied during my undergraduate studies but that every nation that has a history has a literature that tells about business and the likes. My Bachelor’s degree, I believe, has prepared me for this higher learning as I had a glimpse of how the world functions especially in the business world. As mentioned earlier, marketing now is not limited to just a few areas but has gone global and studying foreign literature has given me an edge in the study. Languages and communication are very important in every endeavor and they do affect the market a lot so that my former studies are very useful in this specialization I am aiming to take. The area of sociology which is also important in the study of marketing has been widely studied in my undergraduate years so that I am almost ready to take the leap for the business world. In addition, I am also mathematically inclined, a factor that is very important in the course and which every Marketing student must possess. Analysis is one of my mathematical skills, one that is important in the course as it involves the study of a lot of things that answer questions on why and what. The study of people, their interests and all that would affect Marketing strategies would not give me a headache at all because I am naturally an observant person when it comes to personalities, keen to notice what makes a person tick and what would make them off. I believe that there would be more challenges in store for me as I enter the halls of the university again to get my postgraduate education however, the challenges are openly welcome because I believe they are the ones that will help me succeed in everything. One of the challenges I know I will be meeting in the course would be a lot of researches and analysis and I am taking the challenge to improve my skills and prepare me for the marketing world, able and competent. Kind Abdulaziz University has been a tested school for me in taking the quality education that I desire to have. Being a product of the school, I believe there have been qualities that were developed in me during my college years and the school is worth getting back to. I believe that the university values education and knowledge as much as I do so getting in partnership with the school for my education is such a privilege. The university’s dedication to its students, the nurturing of the precious citizens of the nation, molding them to be strong and competent is a highly commendable attribute because it indeed produced a lot of able men and women now out in the world to prove their worth. In the midst of the achievements of thousands of graduates of the university, there seems to be an everlasting sense of responsibility that graduates hold and this character is most precious to this applicant. I believe that such attribute has not just been inherent or inert but it was developed in the school, with the inclusion of Arabian values. I am one with the ambition of the school in producing graduates who will always be true to the ideals, beliefs, traditions and religion of the nation no matter where their education will take them in the world.

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