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Globalization and enlightment Globalization and enlightment envisages ideas moving across the world with ease at any given time. The world, instead of promoting globalization, encouraged slave trade, especially the more developed nations. This is building up of economic slave trade which is not similar to the nature of debates that the current world needs to be engaged in. For instance, Adam Smith propagates government intervention and free trade across borders not minding the effects it may have on the economy of those countries (Stilglitz, 2002 p. 38). According to Professor Joseph, for industries to develop, the magnitude of development needs to be in line with the government policies. According to smith, when cities develop, the rural sector will be negatively affected or rather. will feel the impact at a great level. Joseph therefore, argues that, no development can occur automatically without a favorable government policy. Two decades ago, smith may have anticipated the ideas that reflected the ideas of globalization. Smith was aware of the marketing professions and limitations of the government that played a role in what happened after the policy setting (Smith, 1901) Globalization and enlightment has caused moral values problems and the confrontation of different societies that has resulted in people of diverse cultures mixing through migration. This is exactly what Joseph believes is a propeller of globalization and enlightment. He believes that the value of tolerance is necessary if we have to achieve this, because we need to learn living with people from diversified cultures and backgrounds without conflicts. Therefore, to enhance globalization, we need to establish some standards that all individuals need to conform to. They include, basic human rights, labor standards, and establishment of the rule of law that should be agreed upon by all the countries, for example, a rule against the torture of children (Stilglitz, 1993 p. 143). Globalization has a future and if we attempt to go beyond these confines, then we will be trying to ignore the values, which must be followed for a positive achievement. Convention of torture is undermining the international rule of law hence affecting the way we live together as the international community that the Bush administration failed to live up to. The world needs to push for the values like looking at the IMF imposations on basic economic world standards. He argues that tolerance leads us to live towards achieving different economic goals and globalization (Younis, 2008). Second is the set up rules that are set and imposed by the international community, for example, rationality and pragmatism which positively affect globalization. Adam smith rejected this ideologies was at the heart of the enlightment. He became the father of a new ideology of the free market ideology which turned out to a religion. Adam Smith’s argument promotes self-interest instead of promoting moral issues that may enhance enlightment and globalization. Professor Joseph subscribes to issues that do not compromise globalization, but rather enhances the well-being of the society leading to globalization. Self-interests do not lead to economic improvement but rather it pulls down the chances of economic efficiencies.

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