Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The Relevance of Employee Engagement Indices as A Performance.

Three articles have been chosen based on the following criterion: the relevance of these articles to the subject under examination. These articles are analyzed below focusing on their value for achieving the objectives of the proposed study. The first article is that of Siddhanta and Roy (2010). The specific article focuses on the relationship between employee engagement and productivity. The examination and the evaluation of this relationship is one of the study’s objectives. The article has been considered as important for the proposed study because of the following reasons: a) it helps to explore one of the study’s objectives, meaning especially the involvement of employee engagement in enhancing productivity in institutions. b) it presents a thorough analysis of the role of engagement within modern organizations. Also, engagement, as a concept, is explained in the context of its relationship with different aspects of the organization, such as ‘productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction’ (Siddhanta and Roy, 2010, p. 172). The article of Siddhanta and Roy (2010) is based on literature review, meaning that no empirical research has been conducted for exploring the issues discussed in the article. The authors have used ‘integrative literature reviews’ (Siddhanta and Roy, 2010, p. 172) aiming to address all issues related to the subject under examination. At the same time, the findings of the literature review are presented using ‘a descriptive study manner’ (Siddhanta and Roy, 2010, p. 172). This technique helps to secure the credibility of assumptions produced through the findings of the literature. Furthermore, the findings of empirical research conducted by large firms such as Gallup and Hay Group (Siddhanta and Roy, 2010, p. 172) are presented and discussed in combination with the findings of the literature review. The specific practice further increases the credibility and the validity of the authors’ assumptions on the issue under examination. Under these terms, the study of Siddhanta and Roy (2010) is valuable for understanding the current position of engagement as a factor influencing organizational performance. The article of Bhatla (2011) focuses on the effect of employee engagement on employee performance. In this way, the impact of employee engagement on organizational productivity is verified especially since employee performance directly influences the performance of the organization, either in the short or the long term. The specific study is also related with one of the objectives of the proposed study. More specifically, as already explained, the proposed study aims to show the potential influence of employee engagement in increasing productivity in institutions. The study of Bhatla (2011) shows how employee engagement can affect employee performance. as a result, the role of employee engagement in organizational productivity is also made clear. One of the most important advantages of the article of Bhatla, compared to other studies related to the specific issue, is the following one: Bhatla has emphasized not only the theoretical but also on the practical aspects of employee engagement. More specifically, in the study of Bhatla, all aspects of employee engagement are explored using the literature published in this field.

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