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Political liberalism

Liberalism supports constitutional democracy. Liberalism advocates for the protection of human and individual civil rights as well as their freedoms. Under political liberalism, every human being should be fairly and equally treated under the rule of law. Political liberalism seeks at preventing tyranny by supporting constitutional forms of democracy where power becomes vested upon individuals elected by people being governed (Hobhouse 2009, p.19). Liberalism advocates that representative democracy is the best form of government as there is balance between the rule and rights of minority. Liberalism ideally stipulates that power of government should be limited through decentralization. Liberalism vests the power of the government in the ability of people to choose their leaders through free and fair voting systems. Through constitutional democracy, liberalists postulate that the rule of law should be limited. People should be able to govern themselves by voting in their preferred leaders. The church and government should be separated and treated differently. Political liberalism advocates for competitive politics through multi-party politics (Hobhouse 2009, p.19). Individuals become allowed to freely choose political parties that represent their ideologies. Governments’ sole aim becomes to protect the rights of its citizens by following a constitution designed by its citizens. The government should be distinguished from society according to political liberalism….

Trade should be designed to be free, fair and open within a state or between states. Liberalists argue that free, open and fair trade allow for economic expansion and promotes international peace. Economic liberalism also argues for economic freedom where individuals take part in economic forms they desire. Liberalists also stipulate that the state should provide equal economic opportunity for all. All human beings should be provided with economic freedom such as to trade. Social liberalism Social liberalism concerns itself with protection and expansion of human rights as well as civil liberty (Hobhouse 2009, p.14). Liberalism stipulates that governments should protect the rights of its individuals. Liberalist ideals argue for human rights such as those to speech, religion and association. Human rights and freedom should be accorded to everyone without the use of force. The freedom of speech allows for individuals to express their ideas freely without force or violence. Freedom of religion states that an individual has the freedom to worship whoever he or she desires. Under liberalism, individuals have the right to assembly or association. This allows for individuals to gather and associate with whoever they please. Social liberalism advocates for freedom and strength in a civil society. Social liberalism stipulates that individuals should be allowed their freedom unless it infringes on the rights of others under which they can become curtailed. Everybody is allowed the same equal rights not limited to their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. Social liberalism ideals also allow for social inclusion and tolerance of different lifestyles unless they infringe on the rights of others.

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