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Particular focus was placed on the work of social workers in the realm of child protection. Basically, the issues discussed include the following:

These include dilemmas concerning advocacy for service users when this may be contrary to employing agencies’ interests, judging who is the service user and whose interests the worker is primarily representing when that individual’s interests may be in conflict with those of others the worker needs to take into account, and last, but certainly not least, the more basic difficulty that the value base is predicated upon white, eurocentric, westernised, liberal democratic traditions (Littlechild, 2004)

The literature in question explores the various issues that currently hound social work practitioners. The various issues discussed include the perceived importance that has been placed on administrative issues rather than on work with clients and on the shift management styles to one that is more commonly used in the private sector. Such issues have led to the decrease in professionalism in the field of social work which is deemed to be contrary to the true definition of what social work really is. Managerialism, supervision and training and education were likewise discussed to highlight the problems that social workers face during these times.

The artiThe article concluded by saying that nowadays, social work has been subjected to more controlling elements by the state especially in the UK. Through its analysis, the article aimed to determine how such policies and regulations could co-exist with the code of practice and professionalism required in the field of social work. Recommendations to the further development of social work were likewise cited by the Littlechild.

3) What was your initial purpose of consulting the text or source

I first consulted the text in my effort to come up with a professional processes portfolio as part of my study as a social worker. I needed to determine what issues currently plague the profession and what factors affect the development of the field of social work. The text in question provided me with vital information with regards to the most pressing issues that social workers face in today’s time. Such information was useful for me since I was able to identify some of the barriers that hinder social workers from fulfilling their goals.

4) What questions need to be addressed

What are the problems that social workers currently face in their effort to provide genuine service to those in need of such

How has the professionalism of social workers been affected by the changes made to policies and regulations with regards to social welfare

What should social workers do in order to preserve the identity of their profession

5) All theories have strengths and weaknesses. No theory provides a complete account. How is this identified in your chosen text

Littlechild’s writing covers all possible areas of social work wherein perceived problems may arise. Also, the author used well-regarded studies to back up what the article is trying to assert. More importantly, the article was published in a professional journal which means that those in the field back what the author asserts in the writing.

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