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The paper discusses how a career counseling theory can be used by counselors to address career counseling problems to single mothers. Key words: career counselors, single mothers, work environment Career Counseling in College Introduction The dynamic economic conditions and cultural obligations have caused many single women to look for jobs in order to be able to fend for their families. While the provisional conditions in a single parent family have dramatically changed, with the fact that mothers are the breadwinners in their families, the traditional role of motherhood has not changed. Single mothers are expected, whether by choice or coercion, to provide the same kind of love and care to their children in a more open upbringing as if they were living with a man (Uchendu, 1996). Therefore, single mothers have to carefully consider the type of career guide they choose for them to effectively juggle their roles between these demanding roles. Career counselors have always come in handy to help single mothers choose a career and by so doing need to consider several factors that will determine the kind of career a single mother enters. This paper addresses factors that career counselors consider in regard to careers to single mothers. Factors Career Counselors Should Consider with Regard to Single Mothers According to Fuller, Kershaw &amp. Pulkingham (2008), working single mothers are less likely to return to their work when their children are born. This is because they have to deal with the responsibilities of providing care to their children besides doing other household chores. As such, career counselors need to consider the issue of family matters when advising would be single mothers because the responsibilities in future seem to overshadow the need to stay in a permanent job while ignoring the children. Morrison et al (1999) observed that single mothers can easily quit their job if they discover that their children are not likely to get the kind of upbringing that they want them to have. This, therefore,means that care counselors need to consider the issue of quitting a job to care for children without necessarily affecting the income that the family is going to have in the future. Therefore, career counselors need to advice single mothers to chose a career that will allow them time to care for their children while still keeping their jobs. Some jobs require people to be around in a fixed time like from morning to evening without necessarily working extra hours. In such a case, a single mother may find it difficult to attend to both demanding roles and in the end quit the job to care for the children. While this is the case, such mothers would have chosen a career that suits their schedule once in a while so that they have half of the day with their children and without necessarily quitting their jobs. Another issue that career counselors need to focus on is the workplace environment. According to Morrison et al (1999), some work place environment views single mothers as less productive that married women. The counselors while advising a single mother on the kind of job she needs to enter should consider the work environment that the woman is going to work.

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