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Hobbes eventually died in Hardwick in 1679 at the age of 90 after he was attacked by paralysis. He will always be remembered for his political philosophies and this indifferent way of commenting (on philosophical fronts) from others. Hobbes developed his own political analysis and philosophy, which he documented in the form of a book published in 1651 with the title of Leviathan. His arguments in the said publication were illuminating. It is so very simple in the daily happenings of a man who is a selfish and greedy organism, always ready at war with other men (organisms of his type) for his own well being and benefit.

His suggestions are that people have turned very selfish in their normal way of living and they lead a unkind life towards other humans which they should not do in the first place. Everyone does not follow the path set by good men of past, which is much to his dislike. He does not like the attitude possessed by the people who follow the sovereigns as if they are Gods or more than them. Fear of death, according to him, is one such thing, which brings to our notice that makes them follow the sovereigns in any possible way they can. A worldly leader cannot in anyway represent people’s attitudes. but the same according to him is happening day in day out in this world. The person having authority lets his commands rule, which Hobbes does not quite approve of in any way. His other books also suggest the same ideologies, which are there in his hit one, Leviathan. These suggested his interest in gathering some analysis on political philosophies as well as some comparisons with the ways in which leaders and sovereigns have lived their lives and as a consequence ruled over people.

Other theorists also followed in the same fashion as Hobbes did. They studied his analyses and thus made their own in the light of what Hobbes had already said. Amongst them were included big names like J.L.Stephen. C.H.Hinnat, T. Surrell. Hobbes was not very happy with the teachings of Aristotle and remarked them as being mistake in doctrine. He ridiculed the English universities of their dull approach towards their curriculum. In reality, he owed both to Aristotle as well as the English universities because he laid the foundation of his beliefs courtesy through Aristotle and these varsities.

Hobbes pays importance on the topic of virtue. According to him, virtue develops the respect amongst people so that they can live within the pre-set moral laws and follow them in conformance. Virtue provides an incentive or benefit from which the person can benefit as long as he is alive. It is an ever-lasting impression on one’s personality. Thomas Hobbes suggests that the impulses that one has within him/her every now and then should be controlled so that a person’s personality does not effect drastically or at other times, quite swiftly. Moral strength is the key for a person and he/she should not let loose on this very asset of his/her. Controlling desires is also an advantage that one has over other of his fellow human beings. One should never let his/her desires get the better of him/her under any circumstances whatsoever.

Hobbes has been in the forefront like Locke, Kant and Mill in introducing within people the importance of virtue.

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