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Protection of Wages: The General conference of International Labour Organisation, has been convened at Geneva on 8th June 1949.As per C95- Protection of Wages Convention 1949, the employee has several protections. Some of the relevant articles are discussed here:As per Article 4, National laws or regulations, collective agreements or arbitration awards may authorise the partial payment of wages in the form of allowances in kind in industries or occupations in which payment in the form of such allowances is customary or desirable because of the nature of the industry or occupation concerned. Under this article it is stressed that the allowance is required to be appropriate for the benefit of the employee and the amount of such allowance shall be fair and justified. In case an employer is paying some allowance to the employee, which is more than the justified payment, then the employer can deduct such payment.Article 8 states that the deduction from wages by the employer is permitted only under

the regulatory control of the national laws or as decided by the arbitration award. Workers shall be informed about the most appropriate reasons and conditions applicable

for such kind of deductions. It is obvious that no employer has the authority to deduct the wages if there is no such provision made by the national regulation or by arbitration.

Without informing the reasons of deductions, the employer has no authority to deduct the wages. (“Protection of Wages Convention 1949”, n.d.)The legal restrictions on the deduction of payment are as follows: …

boarding, lodging as governed by the employment standards (d) advance pay

recovery or erroneous pay correction (e) any deduction, agreed by the employee,

which benefits the employee.

An employee can deduct the cost of tools from the wages of the employee –

(a) If it is a precondition in the employment that the employee must own the special

tools, then the supply of such tools by the employer, makes the deductions from

wages as an appropriate measure. (b) The employee may be using the tools for job at

other employers. (c) The tools may be available from other suppliers but the

employee bought it from the employer.

The employer cannot make any deductions towards the safety and health legislation.

Any equipment, clothing required to be worn by the employee for personal safety

must be supplied by the employer at its own cost. Cost of safety equipments and

clothing are directly beneficial to the employer, that’s why they are not deducted from

the wages of employee. (“Deductions from wages”, n.d.)

Equal Pay: Employers must offer equal pay to men and women irrespective of


(a) if they are employed for similar or “like work” (b) if the job evaluation treats both

kind of jobs as equivalent. (c) the value of work is recognized equal.

As per the employment terms equal work shall offer equal payment irrespective of


An individual employee has the protection of claim under Equal Pay Act 1970 in an

employment Tribunal. The employee can seek for the claim within six months after

leaving the employment. (“Rights at work”, n.d.

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