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Some of the respective areas where the organization has ventured include investing in latest modern technology that has since brought considerable improvement in terms of flexibility, dependability, quality and cost (Greasley 2013). Thesis statement: British Airways has implemented innovative approaches in its logistics and operations management. Communication and coordination technology According to Greasley, (2013), for an effective and efficient coordination, an airline company must consider reliable communication systems, which are made available at the control towers or throughout other respective departments. The British airways has invested heavily in technological personnel and the expatriates responsible for the management for the flight operations, dispatch of cargo to and from the airport, ground maintenance staff and members who assist the passengers with the reservation amongst other issues. Firstly, the organization has put in place integrations of information systems to the center of control that facilitates coordination and effective communication throughout all the branches. For instance, the automation improves dissemination of information relevant both at the internal operations and to external operations. Consider personnel such as air traffic controller, the pilot on board and the rest of the colleagues who are actively involved with maintenance at the hangers. The use of information systems allows them to have faster exchange of data or any other relevant information more rapidly and efficiently. Through the integration of the information systems, British Airways has succeeded in reduction of miscommunication either from the center to the centers of controls or, the employees of the other departments since the information is available in real time to almost all the relevant bodies concerned. Moreover, automation has also led to economical advantages such as conservation of fuel, proper usage of time and appropriate time management through effective planning of cargo handling. This process of operations has successfully led to the total improvement of returns based on reception of new cargo on transit and those under dispatch (Slack et al 2011). Automated flight dispatch British Airways has an automated flying dispatch intercepted through special tracking device systems in almost all its active flights. The flight dispatch systems have enabled efficient conservation of flight fuel through the modern planning mechanisms. The use of this technology helps in the moderation of navigation of planes automatically. Moreover, such systems are interconnected to the flight management system on board a craft and are capable of calculating the flight speed based on the weight of the plane and the current atmospheric pressure thorough cost indexing. In addition, through the vertical integrations of the minima, the system is able to locate fuel-efficient routes of the planes. In this case, the automated flight dispatch help in economizing fuels by avoiding extended duration of waiting before a plane is dispatched. The use of global positioning systems has also helped in the control of winds and turbulence associated with international flights (Christopher 2011).

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