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The television can be considered as public media also as there are entertainment channels in the television. When any media is capable of reaching of a large amount of gathering, it can be considered as mass media. The mass media includes the parts of cyber media like web sites, pod casts and blogs when they are capable to attract a vast amount of people.

In general the commentators refer the mass media to the mass society. The mass society is formed due to lack of social connections influenced by good organization and susceptible to the influence of mass media techniques.

The citizen will be a part of society and even the mass society. The person who have citizenship can be considered as citizen. The mass media influences the citizens. It is defined as a membership in a political community. The community may be a city, town, village, state, nation or a province. The person who have citizenship will have right to political participation. There are some citizenships that have no political participation. These citizens are the people, who are protected by the so called political community. These protected people by a particular community do not have political participation and thus have no direct influence on the community. When their number increases the citizens of the community may develop grievance against them and thus they can be influenced and influence the citizens in such a manner. 2

When the mass media

When the mass media is considered, both type of citizens are influenced, but the citizens who have political rights only can influence the structure and course of the community. This is due to the public opinion.

The public opinion can be considered as the collective opinion of the people of a community or a majority opinion of the people of a political community. Mass media is capable of creating, building and influencing the public opinion. 1930s can be termed as the era that gave birth to mass survey research in America. Polling companies, surveying companies analyzed the public on a variety of important issues. The polls are regarding the information on public opinion.3

2. Citizenship

A citizen is an important and fundamental component of the political community. He is not only a component or constituent but the community is built with them. The participants, leaders and followers of the community come under the definition of a citizen. World wide there are different definitions and laws regarding citizenship in various countries. The common point in all those laws and definitions is that a citizen have a right to vote in a political society and he enjoys some rights ensured by constitution. Whatever may be the law and the definition the citizen is the person who influences the course of the political leadership and the in turn influenced by the media more particularly mass media. When it comes to United States, the citizens are of fundamentally three types. The native Americans, the people who left their home country looking for a better life and the naturalized citizens. The native Americans are the people who are citizens by birth and living in America from an unspecified time.

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