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Urban Sociology is a discipline which deals with social aspect of city lives and the effect of different communities on the society. New York City is a culturally diverse center where there are people from all around the globe and this has an impact on the atmosphere and living in the city. America, in general is acclaimed for welcoming religion, race and culture without any barriers, which is a very controversial, yet a subject of interest for many scholars ever since it has gained super power. Hence, “melting pot” is a symbol associated with the vision of America that projects both its liberal as well as radical face. States of America have more or less encountered the same perception because of this symbol and it is due to this image that the term “Americanization” took its form (Hirschman, 1983). In order to study the structure of the New York City and its sociological processes and changes, one needs to inquire the existing cultures and the origins of the various immigrants who have been settled here for many years. Contemporary urban sociology also caters to the question of political and economic analysis of a particular region or community under study. It is through the study of economic changes taking place across the globe that one can evaluate the variety of urban communities that are born and governed. As stated by Flanagan and famous in the field of Sociology, Max Weber, believes that urban cities are dependent upon marketplaces (Flanagan, 1993). Immigrants from Korea started settling in the United States very slowly and gradually. They formed a strong hold by the 1970s especially in Los Angeles and New York. They settled as mostly businessmen in Koreatowns who attended to the needs of Koreans and other residents of the community as well. They own small family businesses and often revive the existing business areas by giving them a specialized co-ethnic resemblance. Usually such cultural diversity is welcomed by the cities (Flanagan, 2010). Greenberg raises an issue that New York has had to face in the past years. It encountered a major decline in the business arena due to financial crisis and this was projected by the media as the cause of racial influence on such a big City as New York. As a result of declining rates in bonds several businesses wrapped up and left the State. Several things happened all at once such as bad publicity and disinvestment thus ruining the image of NYC (Greenberg, 2008). What role do the immigrants have to play in the changing climate of the City is a question that media asks several critics. It was and is still unclear who is to be blamed for the decline in business and reputation of New York City but it can be said with confidence that the immigrants were a blessing in disguise for the nation and aided them in revitalizing the whole social structure (Greenberg, 2008). Another concern which might be raised here is the conflict between cultures that co-exist in the City at the same time. It has been observed by Flanagan that African Americans and the Koreans came into conflict with each other due to cultural misunderstandings and eventually mass rioting.

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