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According to Martin (2010, p 12), the romantic novel is about a dark strange woman of the archetypal Victoria as the title. The woman symbolizes the forbidden practice in the society today in that from the novel she is depicted as heroine and sometimes appears to be villainess. This depicts modern life situation where people fall in love with strangers who later turns to be evil. Plot Summary The persona opens the scenes with unidentified spy using a telescope. He infers 1867 to the modern year through comparison of the old sea to Henry sculpture. Throughout the novel it is clear that truth is a simulacrum. The author has exposed high level of illusion in that it reminds the audience that play is not only on stage but also a real life situation. Fowles introduce the novel in first person point of view so as to commend on any action as the characters freezes on stage. He eludes his work in real life through the character called Charles who is the point of focus on the whole work (Martin, 2010, p 46). The novel on the other side is a stage since it represents the contemporary issues in life. It transforms and translates what is happening in life in five minutes through relic characters who are easily turned to fit the situation. The novel reveals the mood of such characters as nostalgia hence creates prospective turn over of ideas. This reveals the perplexity between history and present in the of timelessness intelligence in the audience’ mind. This shows that in life, everybody experiences the wider gap of empathy. This becomes weaker by the paradox of 100 years of Victorian times. The world of Victoria is not reconstructed uncritically since Fowles focuses on Victorian period which looks like the modern world to the audience. He describes the woman’s attitude through Victoria towards economics, philosophy and science. Through close examination of the oppressed society back in the nineteenth century, he reveals the problems faced by two economists and social groups and gauges them to poverty in England. This is clearly in a modern situation whereby the servant group and working classes trap women. As the plot moves through love, an individual gets to ask and answer questions as to why most relationships revolve through the economy. Fowles tries to not bring the two main characters together, but to teach the world that life has to be faced on any dimension what so ever. In real life, there are the poor and the rich and they both face life and enjoy every bit (Martin, 2010, p 73). Conclusion The double ending of Fowles depicts psychological lessons of romance to an individual. The novel is an individual development and enlightenment in a basic isolation that accompanies the growth. The theme of the novel itself was a logical series of happening not only in the past but to the modern world as a whole since there are changes in the standard of living which are no longer accepted by many today. He makes coincidences at the end of the novel to depict claims of one’s property in the modern situation where family members come together to take what is left after their member is gone. Even though law controls this, still it is the court that rules this to next of kins.

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