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The book focuses on African- American relationship of Jim a young man who lives in the Mississippi river. One of the major concerns is the use of the word ‘nigger,’ which is disliked by most readers and critics. In estimation, the word appears 215 times making the book to be banned from most of the classrooms in United States. The writing styles, the themes, and the language are not fit for the book to be used in a classroom setting. A major concern is the type of language used and the nature of racial discrimination that is illustrated by these pieces of arts (Born to Trouble). The books and the movies show in details the origin of the word ‘nigger’ and how the blacks were mistreated, hanged, and killed while being called the name. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn book is important as a historic book drawing a clear line on the treatment of the blacks by the whites. The book is most important in the curriculum since it clearly speaks and brings out the issue of racial discrimination, racial language, racial inequality, and many racial concerns that most white Americans fear and always avoid. It is for this reason that most of the parents and critics advocate for its banning. Twain himself shows a greater understanding of racism (Classic Literature). From these pieces of art, immorality has been expressed which is one of the shortcomings that has embraced most of the cities and states in the US. For example, Twain’s phrases that clearly indicate that the book is both immoral and vulgar in the way it presents itself hence not fit for the society. Twain writes, “Those idiots in Concord are not a court of last resort and I am not disturbed by their moral gymnastics.” From the Simpson’s we also observe cases of immorality especially when Homer the Heretic decides not to go to church but watch TV while drinking waffle batters and loafs while wearing his underwear. In addition to this, women have been used as symbols of sex and are observed as objects for sexual gratitude. For example, in the episode, I love Lisa, Lisa give Ralph a valentine’s card and Ralph interprets this as Lisa being in love with him. In the book the Custom of the Country, Ralph also considers Undine a sexual object. This is also widely shown with Twain in his book in abusive ways. Women have also been portrayed as lonely and hopeless people in these pieces of art. This is evident when Undine in the book Custom of the Country becomes pregnant and later neglects her son. This is because she did not like her in-laws and therefore felt so lonely to an extent of neglecting her own son. On the other hand, the Simpson season 4, Aunt Selma believes that getting a baby is the only way, which is able to relieve her of her loneliness. Question 2 Mad men season 1 themes of immorality, corruption, lies, and deception can be compared to Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. Peggy is suffering from sexual harassment from her male colleagues at work. Peggy sleeps with Pete Campbell on his bachelor’s party just the eve before he gets married who is her junior accounts manager. On the other hand, Don is cheating on her depressed wife Betty. Roger Sterling is also cheating on his wife Mona. All these are cases of immorality in season 1 of the mad men.

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