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Expected outcomes from this 1st lesson are: Understanding by listening to teacher and peer learners Expanded understanding of word meanings in selected text Elaborating words strategy Objective. To have students give details orally on a given word in the poem. Materials. Copy of the poem “The Land of Storylands.” a world map, pictures of Robert Louis Stevenson, posters to illustrate words, student’s individual vocabulary notebook. Sequence. 1. The teacher introduces the poem and wins interest. He says this poem was written by a great British writer who loved to remember his experiences as a boy. He was born in Scotland. an only child. an early reader as he began to read as a 7 year old lad, and. he had a lot of books to read and play with. As a mature man and writer, he wrote well-known books of adventure and mystery like “Treasure Island,” “Kidnapped,” and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” 2. The teacher reads the poem. He writes on the board the title of the poem with the underlined word for learning: The Land of Storybooks.” 3. He explains that students can say more (expand/elaborate) of underlined words. He asks students to make a guess (prediction) on what the underlined words mean from parallel words he writes on the board: The Land of Giants,” “Disneyland,” “Treasure Island.” 4. He models adding ideas to the title “Treasure Island,” writing underneath the descriptive words (hidden gold, silver, jewels). 4. He asks students to suggest descriptive words for the 2 other titles (Land of Giants, Disneyland), and writes this underneath the 2 titles, as suggested students. 5. He goes back to the poem’s title “ The Land of Storybooks,” asking students what therefore they think the poem is all about. They are allowed to skim through the poem, and use lines to prove their explanation. Personal Vocabulary Notebooks (follow-up strategy) Objective. To have students build their vocabulary through descriptive or synonymous words. Materials. Personal vocabulary notebooks for new words. Sequence. 1. Looking at the board, students write new words learned in their notebook. 2. As home assignment, students are asked to cut at least 3 pictures and paste these on the notebook. 3. Have students occasionally share their vocabulary books with peers. Assessment. The personal vocabulary notebook serves as evidence for assessment using a Rubric rating analysis. Lesson 2- Phonics Word Patterns and Word Analysis In Phonics, students learn to relate letters (graphemes) with sound (phonemes), as well as recall letter patterns-sequences which represent word sounds. When learners are able to blend sounds, they shall be able to read words. and by segmenting words into sounds, they can spell. Systematic phonics instruction is seen to improve children’s: (a) word recognition (b) spelling, and (c) reading comprehension. Segmenting and blending exercise Objective. To have students gain facility in segmenting and blending skills, contributing to better reading and spelling. Materials. Copy of the Poem “The land of Storyland.” Board and board pen. Sequence. 1. The teacher introduces the activity and models dividing one syllable words in the poem into sound units: (a) on-set or the consonant (s) before the vowel (e.g.

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