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In this study the communication objective of this campaign, the purpose of this campaign will be analyzed along with the role of integrated marketing communication tools and their link to the response stages will be analyzed.

This campaign on natural beauty was started after the Unilever’s Dove brand through its study found that out of 3300 women and girl that were surveyed in 10 different countries, only 2% considered them as beautiful, which means that the current advertisement campaigns running through advertisements, magazines, billboard have changed the perception of beauty (Kotler,2008). It further revealed that about 90% of the women who age between 15-64 years want at least one aspect of their physical appearance to change. while over 67% of the women leave life-engaging activities because they are not comfortable with their physical looks.

With this study Unilever came up with a conclusion that it is the time to redefine the beauty, with the believe that beauty comes in different shapes, ages and sizes Unilever set up its goal to broaden the definition of beauty so that the women feel beautiful everyday (Kotler,2008). It launched a global campaign in 2004, Dove Real Beauty Campaign, in which it featured the image of real, confident and candid women images instead of actresses and super models, which provoked the customers to think about their beauty perception. The campaign gained immense popularity when Dove introduced the six new “real beauties” in the magazines and billboards, wearing nothing but underwear and smiles of their faces.

The campaign for Real Beauty was launched as a step to broaden the definition of beauty and to provide a wider representation than conventional images of beauty with which women are bombarded everyday. With this global objective, Dove has successfully achieve its objective to defy stereotypical images and it celebrated the different size, color, shape and age of women beauty because of it’s believe that through this it can extend the meaning of beauty.

Another step that Dove took to change the perception of beauty in women and young people, it founded the Self-Esteemed Fund, the objective of which was to provoke the sense of self-worth in young girls and build confidence and also to provide helpful solution to them. This Self-Esteem is working worldwide markets to finance the revolutionary BodyThink. the funds were raised with the help of local charity.

The aim and objective of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Self Esteem fund was to redefine the beauty through educating and through a number of different activities and programs, with the BodyThink in the centre for educating young people on the concept of beauty. The campaign gained huge success in the form of reach and the impact it has created. With the six women advertisements in magazines, TV and billboard it got world wide attention and popularity. The campaign got much consideration because of its influence on the subject of body image and became the center of discussion in most newspapers, blogs and enjoyed great appreciation and some criticism on using real beauty to sell products to earn profits.

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