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The local districts generate their revenue from local property tax while the state receives funds from the general fund. The money generated through local property tax which constitutes a larger percentage of public education funds depends upon two factors which include the tax rate of the school districts and the accessed value of the taxable property in the district (http://guidetogov.org/ca/state/overview/school.html). The average daily attendance (ADA) mechanism is used to distribute these public funds to public schools. The allocation of state funds to school districts is based on a revenue limit system. The district revenue limit is the level of funding per average daily attendance to which the district is entitled. Districts of similar sizes and type have approximately the same revenue limit throughout the state. In case a school district is not able to raise significant revenue from the property tax to meet revenue limit, the state comes in to top up the deficit. (Roy Walter 51).Constitutionally, each district is entitled to receive a basic aid of $ 120 per ADA or $2400: whichever is greater. The aid can also be used by the state to make up for the difference created in the school budget by the low amount of property tax. In addition to these unrestricted funds, school revenue funds which are unrestricted for special purposes. For example, funds used to carry out school improvement programs. These constitute one – quarter of a school district funding. The funding for any California school district is primarily decided by the state through revenue limits. (Douglas and Aubrey 72)

Federal assistance to K – 12 schools is provided mostly in the form of the categorical grant of aid for special programs. The federal government reaches out to federal employees by providing general aid to those districts. A good percentage of the California State Lottery’s total sales are allocated proportionately to all levels of public education decide on how to spend this money. The aid can be used for any instructional purpose apart from research or purchase of instructional facilities. The biggest problem faced is lack of adequate funds and lack of financial accountability in the school system. Most of the money is being misused by those in authority. It has been the weakness of the state government to monitor how money is being spent in public schools. This, therefore, calls for proper supervision of the way money is used in public schools. This is also the responsibility of state government who should monitor the school district fiscal performance. The government policies call for lengthy and complex procedures to be undertaken by district schools in carrying out and financing school projects, this can be eliminated by giving district schools the mandate and free hand in implementing their various educational projects and avoiding bureaucracy. For instance, the government proposal on funding public schools is restricting and limiting the flow of funds to public schools. The system put in place for collecting, analyzing and disseminating information for use by public schools is complicated hence hindering information flow. Public schools face a number of financial problems.

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