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The side in favor of using animals for sports and entertainment present their views that involvement of animals in activities of sports and entertainment is a normal practice and it has been used for centuries in cultural activities. There are a number of cultural events in Spain and South America which use bulls who end up either running on the roads and striking whoever comes in their way, or trying to hit the waving cloth. These activities do not cause harm to the participating animals in any way and therefore there is nothing unethical about this. (Debatepedia)

On the other side, the opposing side argues that such cultural activities are what promote the use of animals in a brutal way. They argue that humans tend to go a step further and involve the animals in a cruel game or way. According to them, if the use of animals in simple sports and entertainment is banned, then the brutal games will be finished itself.

The side against the involvement of animals for means of sports and entertainment also argues that animals should also not be used for showing skills and displaying their trained nature to the public. Such activities are performed in the circus where the wild animals are trained to behave in an unnatural way of publicly accepted attitude by the force of a whip (RSPCA Victoria).

Also they see the elephant rides as unethical as this means that the commercial purpose promoters are using the animals as a means to an end and not as an end themselves. This is according to the categorical imperative introduced by Immanuel Kant (Kant). In this context, it can be related to the fact that the animals are used for commercial purposes and not taken care of because they are animals. In response to this, the side in favor of utilization of animals for entertainment and sports present their views that the circus is where the public, particularly children, experience these animals. When the general public watches and experiences these animals, only then they fall in love with these animals. They argue that one can only love an object or living being if he or she watches and experiences it. When these people see these animals in circus or in zoo, they fall in love with them and then they take care of them. Therefore, usually circus and zoo turns out to be the first step of taking care of the animals on the part of general public and eventually falling in love with them. Most people do not go on safari rides or jungles to see the wildlife and therefore their only chance of watching these animals is in zoo or circus. Therefore, it is also fair to the humans to experience the gifts of nature in the shape of animals, and also there is nothing wrong in doing this. Humans who like to play and enjoy usually tend to feel good when they are involved in sporting activities. When a person who loves to play football play well end up in a good mood when it plays football. Also jolly people who like to enjoy feel happy when they are involved in an act of entertainment as this makes them and others laugh and enjoy. Similar to people are animals who also feel happy when they play and provide entertainment.

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